What's In The Kat Von D x beautyblender Set? A Lot

Makeup collabos are rarely "meh." Beauty collisions are usually blockbuster and fabulous by nature. Such is the case for Kat Von D's partnership with beautyblender. The celeb tattoo artist and reality star is steadily building her beauty empire, working on her super classified collabo with Too Faced Cosmetics, which will no doubt be a showstopper based on the image of the heart-shaped, black lacquered compact she shared. But the Kat Von D x beautyblender Customizable Complexion Set is pretty epic, as well. What's in this combo? It's a lot of stuff at an affordable price and it helps you achieve complexion perfection.

You get two full-sized products and two samples — one from each brand. Whoa, right?

The set is comprised of a full-sized Lock-It KVD Beauty foundation, which offers full coverage and is high-performance. This set boasts a full-sized, black (!!!) beautyblender pro, which falls in line with the stunning Von D's own look and her brand's goth cool aesthetic.

The beautyblender is a makeup game changer, since its egg shape and spongy material allow you to get the most out of a small amount of product. You also get that airbrushed look when you use it while wet. It's usually hot pink but the pro version in this set is beautifully black.

This makeup tag team is so divine because Lock-It is a heavy-duty product and requires an application tool that can handle the task of blending, buffing, and making sure you nail that desirable smooth, matte finish.

As for the samples that are part of the package? You can test-drive Kat Von D Beauty's Lock It Featherweight Primer and the beautyblender cleanser. Since you use a beautyblender while wet, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria and lead to skin issues. Keeping a beautyblender clean is essential and including a sample of liquid cleanser encourages cleanliness. Plus, it's an awesome, full service intro to the beautyblender if you've never used it.

KVD x beautyblender is on sale for $46 at Sephora or at You can also purchase the package at Kat Von D Beauty's official site.

Images: Courtesy Sephora (2)