Updated Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation Is Coming

Kat Von D-evotees need not stress over the fact that the celeb tattoo artist and makeupista is making a few changes to her brand's ever-popular Lock-It Foundation, which is one of the brand's cornerstone products. The Lock-It Foundation is beloved for its long-wear liquid formula, super creamy texture, array of shades, and rich pigmentation. Lock-It, available at the KVD Beauty site and at Sephora, allows users to achieve a flawless facial canvas and has been packaged with a black beautyblender sponge, which totally fits the KVD goth x rock 'n' roll aesthetic and allows for controlled application. The brand is tinkering with the packaging, giving it a facelift, and adding an impressive 13 shades to the range. But the full coverage formula is not changing at all. When will the newly-packaged version of Lock-It Foundation be available?

Kat Von D posted a photo of the new packaging on her personal Instagram, noting in the caption that it will be available in July in celebration of the 13 new shades. Summer will be here before you know it, KVD Beauty lovers!

I noticed in the comments on the post that some users have trouble with the current cap and bottle, so perhaps this container update is a response to that.

This is the current iteration of Lock-It.

Here is the updated look. Fans and users were largely excited about having more shade options and commented that perhaps now they can find the perfect shade. So KVD Beauty really is addressing a common problem women face when it comes to finding the right foundation by increasing the shade options.

Von D, who posted a largely no makeup selfie last week, noted that there will be super fair shades, deeper tones, and even a white version. Von D enthused that "I'm just adding much-needed shade extensions." That opens the product up to an even wider variety of users. It's smart beauty business.

Currently, there are 20 shades already available on the Kat Von D Beauty site. There are 13 more on the way, as noted by Von D's informative and impassioned caption.

So if you adore and use Lock-It daily, you can relax, as the formula will remain "as is." The brand is simply adding additional shades. As a result, it will be more all-inclusive, along with getting a pretty new case that may be even more functional.

Images: Kat Von D/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Kat Von D Beauty (2)