Who Is Silver Banshee On 'Supergirl'? Siobhan’s Alter Ego May Have Villainous Family Ties

The Flash crossover and Barry Allen's appearance in Kara Danvers' life may be one of the biggest talking points when it comes to Supergirl right now. Real talk: On a scale of one to 10, my excitement level is at a 27 — but let's not forget everything else going on with the citizens of National City. For one, Siobhan Smythe discovered she has some weird sonic powers and she's about to take a turn for the evil. So, who is Silver Banshee in DC Comics and how will that tie into Siobhan's character on Supergirl?

First off, there are two iterations of Silver Banshee in the DC Comics mythology, and they're both named Siobhan. The first version is Siobhan McDougal, and as you may have guessed from her name, she hails from an Irish clan of McDougals. This Siobhan received her powers as the Silver Banshee by taking on mystical forces in a chamber beneath her family's castle. When something went wrong during a family ritual, Siobhan was dragged into an underworld by the forces and she was only allowed out by an ancient spirit who granted Siobhan the powers of Silver Banshee. This version of Silver Banshee went on to fight both Superman and Supergirl, and get up to other villainous antics.

That leads us to the other version of Silver Banshee, this time with the alter ego of Siobhan Smythe. This iteration of the character is somewhat more mysterious since we don't know her exact origins, but she did travel to New York City to get away from Ireland and her family. While in New York City, Siobhan befriends Supergirl and when her father, Garrett Smythe aka Black Banshee shows up, Siobhan reveals herself to be Silver Banshee. She and Supergirl team up to take on Black Banshee as superheroine friends.

If I had to guess about how these differing origins will be adapted to CBS' Supergirl, I'd say the show is more likely to follow the latter since mystical rituals are just a little out there. Perhaps the Banshee powers are some kind of dormant gene passed down through the Smythe family and were awakened in Siobhan when her life was in danger. Plus, Siobhan teaming up with Livewire on Supergirl is kind of an homage to her comic book origin — but, a much more evil take on it.

Still, given the bad blood between Siobhan and Kara, it's doubtful these two will ever be friends like they are in Siobhan Smythe's comic book storyline. That is, unless Black Banshee shows up on Supergirl. I can see it now: Family drama! A supervillain turning into a superhero! Who doesn't love a good redemption arc?

OK, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. For now, I'll have to settle for Silver Banshee teaming up with Livewire to take on Supergirl and The Flash — although, I wouldn't necessarily call it settling since this DC TV matchup is definitely going to be awesome!

Images: Robert Voets/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (2)