There Is No 'Batman v Superman' Post-Credits Scene & Twitter Had A Lot To Say About It

Even though studios are taking steps to shake up the genre, there are certain things audiences expect from a superhero movie. Thanks to the Marvel influence, those expectations include a post-credits scene to tease a future chapter or simply wedge in a last-minute cameo. Fans who stayed through the credits of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice learned the hard way that a post-credits isn’t a guaranteed part of a comic book movie experience. There is no post-credits scene in Batman v Superman , and that threw a lot of Twitter off.

The disappointment that comes with waiting for something that doesn’t happen is two-fold. First, audiences left without a coda to amp them up about any of the upcoming films on the DC slate, including Aquaman and Justice League. Post-credits sequences add an extra geeky thrill to build on the enthusiasm of the movie fans just saw. And then there’s the pure physical discomfort and sense of wasted time. Batman v Superman is two hours and 31 minutes long. The credits alone run for nine minutes. Add a supersized fountain drink to that equation and the duration of that movie experience feels like about 40 years.

The frustration that the lack of a post-credits Easter Egg caused was palpable on Twitter, where fans who have seen the film and learned the truth the hard way are still posting warnings for future audiences. They also shared their own dissatisfaction with the choice, and the loss of nine minutes they’ll never get back. Here are 12 Twitter reactions to Batman v Superman having no post-credits scene.

1. Some People Were Flat Out Pissed

2. Some People Were Lucky Enough To Get A Heads Up From The Theater

3. Some People Saw A Missed Opportunity

4. Some People Knew Better

5. Some People Questioned Their Own Intelligence

6. Some People Saw A Post-Credits Scene, But Before The Credits Even Rolled

7. Some People Could Only Respond In Meme Form

8. Some People Barely Know Themselves Anymore

9. Some People Think They Know Exactly Why This Happened

10. Some People Should Have Been In Charge, Actually

11. Some People Retroactively Liked The Movie Even Less Because Of It

12. Some People Were Unceremoniously Shoved Back Into The Real World

The moral of the story here? Either wait to see the movie until a post-credits scene is confirmed or just suck it up and deal with the wait. The only thing worse than staying for a scene that doesn't happen is leaving and missing one that does.

Image: Warner Bros Pictures