How To Celebrate National Sibling Day As An Adult, 8 Different Ways

Grab your brothers and sisters and hold them tight, because April 10 marks National Sibling Day, a day where we honor the people we can vent to when Mom and Dad are acting irrational. There are many ways to celebrate National Sibling Day based on the unique relationship you have with yours, and if this is the first year you've decided to partake, it's the perfect time to create new traditions that can last for years to come.

The day, also referred to solely as "Siblings Day," was originated in 1997 by Claudia Evart, a New York resident, who unfortunately lost both her brother and sister when they were young. The loss inspired her to create a holiday where we honor the special bond that we have with our own family siblings. Since its creation, the event has been recognized by 49 governors throughout the United States. Claudia chose April 10, as it's the birthday of her late sister Lisette.

The Siblings Day Foundation notes that this holiday is important, as we often have the longest lasting bonds with our siblings. Plus, since we have Mother's Day and Father's Day already established, why not have a day to honor your sisters and brothers?

Start mass e-mailing your siblings and plan a way to celebrate the day together. If you're looking for some inspiration, here are a few fun ideas that are totally sibling-appropriate.

1. Grab some brunch

Brunch is a fantastic invention, supposedly created by a hungover gentleman named Guy Beringer. But while we can raise our mimosa glasses to Guy, we should first raise them to our siblings, who will probably love the opportunity for a late morning, early afternoon drink with their family. You can set to find a place that specializes in brunch (after all, April 10 falls on a Sunday this year, which is a primary brunch day) or you can meet up at your favorite establishment that has a liquor license and specializes in greasy food. If you can't agree on a location (siblings, am I right?) and you enjoy cooking, it might be a good time to invite them over to your place and you can serve up your own menu.

2. Do a DIY gift exchange

The best gifts are handmade gifts, and as a bonus, they likely won't break the bank (especially if you have multiple siblings.) Whether it's a cute photo frame with a picture of all of you, or even some kind of refound nostalgia gift (like, something from back in the day that you actually created as a child), it's bound to be appreciated. If you choose the DIY route, gifts can be funnier and more elaborate each year. It's a good excuse to head into a craft store, and get your creativity flowing.

3. Make each other mix CDs

Back in the day, a mix CD was gold. I still have the very first one that my own sister made for me, complete with its own album art and hits such as "Build Me Up Buttercup." Despite being played 900 times and sitting, often caseless, on top of stacks of other CDs, it's still alive and in rotation all of these years later. Not only did my sister and I bond over music, but knowing she spent the time for me to have all of the important hits (at least, as a pre-teen) was such a sweet gesture. If your siblings haven't been able to check out the latest releases due to adult responsibilities, maybe lend them a hand by providing them a 2016-worthy life soundtrack.

4. Create some baked goods together

You might bake some for your Mom for Mother's Day, but who says cookies are limited towards Moms and Christmas? If you and your sibling enjoy baking, a fun cookie exchange might be a sweet way to celebrate Sibling Day. Or, find the sibling with the biggest kitchen, and bring over some fun ingredients and toppings so that you can bake together.

5. Karaoke

OK, so karaoke is always an option, regardless of the holiday. Even if you've never done it before, just know that you don't have to be a good singer. Like, at all. Nobody will throw tomatoes at you, or yank you offstage with a cartoonish cane if your voice isn't up to par. It's all about having fun, making memories, and belting out an old tune that you used to obsess over when you were younger.

6. Reunite in your hometown

If you and your siblings are in separate, yet close together states, this holiday might be a good excuse to meet up at Mom and Dad's place and explore your hometown together. There's a good chance that so much has changed, and nobody else will appreciate the fact that your local pet store is still there quite like your brothers and sisters.

If your siblings are farther, or if they can't come out on a Sunday, at least use National Sibling Day as an excuse to get on Skype and plan a future date for a tour of all the places you used to visit back when you were kids. It's amazing how visuals will help you remember funny stories and memories that you might have shelved away based on the pressures of adulthood.

7. Try to recreate your childhood photos

Photo recreations are a lot of fun, and pretty simple. If you have an especially embarrassing one, trying to make an effort to dress the part, and nail the facial expressions. It can be a fun challenge for you and your siblings. Even better, if your parents have a sense of humor, you can frame the comparison shots for a neat little gift.

Above is one that my sister and I attempted a few years ago. We decided to pose for it on a whim after seeing that her then-newborn had a toy somewhat similar to a toy from an old iconic Belz photo. While it's not a completely accurate portrayal (I mean, I'm not sobbing) it was a total blast.

8. Consider a goofy photo shoot

And finally, speaking of photos, try to complete my personal dream. Head off to a professional portrait studio, and try your hardest to create a brand new, adult, cheesy photo that you can treasure for years to come. As long as you treat your photo techs with respect, they should be able to snap a picture of you and your siblings in a completely overdone pose. (If you're honest with them up front, and tell them that you're looking more for a gag gift than an honest portrait to hang above the mantel, they'll likely get less frustrated with you during the process. I mean, these people are professionals.) If any of the available backdrops include lasers, that's obviously the way to go.

Images: Fotolia; Giphy (3); Karen Belz