Is "In The End" From 'Dead7' On Spotify? The Boy Band Zombie Movie Has Given Us An Amazing Theme Song

So, it's happened. You've been given the gift of members from all your favorite '90s boybands reuniting and collaborating on a song together in the year 2016, and now you want to know how to listen to "In The End," from the movie Dead 7. Because of course you do. It's a natural reaction, when you find out that luminaries from The Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, 98 Degrees, and O-Town all gathered under one roof to make this little gift just for you. It's as if they remember all those times you gently kissed their poster above your bed, remembering to wipe the lipgloss off afterward, and wanted to pay you back. But, first, I have to figure out how to get into it.

The first place I checked for "In The End" was Spotify, where it is not present, nor is it on iTunes to purchase, nor is it cropping up in any of the other usual haunts, like Tidal or Apple Music. So where is it? Well, as of this very moment, the only place to listen to "In The End" is on BuzzFeed, as it was released exclusively to them. But, you can also get a free download of it here, because neither the boys nor BuzzFeed want us to go without this magnificence on our iPods for long.

Your fantasy ex-boyfriends just want you to be happy, and they haven't forgotten about you, even after all these years. Thanks, guys — you're the best. And excuse me everyone, because I'll be devoting all of my time to memorizing the lyrics to this song in advance to the boy band zombie movie I didn't even know I wanted.

Image: Syfy; Giphy