This Squirrel Eating Pizza Just Joined Pizza Rat In Weird Internet Fame

The only question you should be asking yourself today is: how much do you love pizza? Whatever the answer may be, I bet that your love doesn't run as deep as this squirrel eating pizza, who had to climb up a tree in order to enjoy their treat. I'm sure you enjoy pizza as much as the next Millennial — after all, it does contain every food group if you include toppings — but you have noting on this furry little Chicago native and that's a straight up fact.

Andrew Goodman was on his merry way around the neighborhood when he spotted the curious site of a squirrel perched atop a tree. He then also noticed that the squirrel wasn't just sitting around, but that it was tenderly munching on America's favorite party treat — pizza. Goodman was so enamored by the sight that he took a picture because he is a wonderful human being and because his wife loves squirrels. Thank you, Andrew. The Internet welcomes you with open eyes and grease-stained keyboards.

Actually, the real MVP has to be Melissa McEwen, Andrew Goodman's friend who posted the picture on her Twitter account. It was her post that got the attention of ABC7 Chicago, which ran the story for us to enjoy. Now we get to see this adorable little creature and completely relate to it on a whole other level. I feel like this squirrel is just a past life I had lived through. After all, I can totally see myself climbing on a tree and eating pizza. Hold on, Mr. Squirrel, I'll be up there within the hour to join you for lunch.

Here is the picture. Look at it. Admire it. Understand it. The animal answer to NYC's Pizza Rat is here, and it's a Chicago squirrel. I would like to point out, and possibly regret later, that the pizza in question is not deep dish. I guess it goes to show you that the pizza turf war has been called off and the answer to the ultimate pizza question, NYC versus Chicago, has been given. If your own squirrel wants a slice of that thin crust, who are we to argue. (Deep dish pizza is delicious, and I'm sure if it was an option the squirrel would go for it in a heartbeat.)

Here are some other now "famous" animals who are also really good at eating food.

Pizza Rat

Matt Little on YouTube

This tiny creature started the entire movement. An icon of the food industry. A New York City subway staple.

Hamster Eating A Burrito

Vince Parisi on YouTube

I don't know what's more satisfying. The hamster eating the tiny burrito or the food prep section leading up to it.

Puppy Eating Watermelon

Japan and Co., LTD on YouTube

And finally, my favorite — a puppy eating watermelon. Too cute.