How To Change Your Facebook Profile Photo To Support The NCAA Team You're Rooting For, Because You Know You Want To

The NCAA tournament brings together college basketball fans from all over the nation to cheer on their favorite teams as they compete for the annual national championship. Each year brings many exciting upsets — this year, Syracuse became the only 10-seed team in history to make it to the Final Four, beating out Virginia, the number-one team in the nation. As the tournament progresses and unexpected teams make it farther in the game, the best way to show your support for your favorite is obviously via social media. So here's how to change your Facebook profile picture for the NCAA tournament.

In the past, Facebook has offered filters that allow users to support college football teams. Similarly, during the Paris attacks in November 2015, Facebook offered a special blue, white, and red filter representing the French flag which users could use over their profile pics to show support and solidarity with the victims. Now, as the NCAA tournament is underway, news feeds become populated with banners of college basketball teams' logos overlaying their friends' profile photos. There is no direct or general link that will let you change your profile picture, but doing so is easy.

All you have to do is find a profile picture on Facebook that is currently using your favorite team's banner (can you guess who I'm rooting for?). At the bottom of their photo, it will say, "Change your profile picture to support your favorite NCAA March Madness team" next to a "Try It" button. Click that button, and you will be redirected to a new popup window that shows a preview of your current profile picture with a college basketball banner on top of it.

You can use any profile picture you'd like, as well as upload a new one, when selecting a filter. There are 69 NCAA basketball banners to use on your newest profile photo, from ASPU Athletics to Yale. You can also select when Facebook will automatically revert your profile picture back to normal (aka without the basketball banner), in case you forget to remove the filter in the unfortunate event that your team loses.

There are also a variety of other filter categories to choose from — mostly sports-related — that might be good if your favorite team was knocked out earlier than expected in this year's NCAA tournament. (Looking at you, Wichita State.)