Why Doesn't 'Batman v Superman' Have A Post-Credits Scene? The DC Universe Is Changing Things Up

There may be a big difference in opinion about the movie itself, but nearly everyone can agree that it was a surprise not to see a post-credits scene at Batman V Superman 's end. The final scene typically supplies an additional nugget of information, a quippy joke, or some pot-stirring to build up hype for a sequel; they can even add a moment of lightness to an otherwise dark movie or provide a special teaser for those moviegoers truly devoted enough to sit through some seriously long credits. Yet BvS, surprisingly, chose not to include one.

In the case of the movie, which marks the beginning of the Justice League franchise, you might expect a scene from AquaMan or Wonder Woman to round out the film, yet it's not the case. The Avengers and superhero flicks from other comics giants like Marvel use these scenes to punctuate their movies, so you might anticipate this kind of conclusion when you get to DC's BvS. But don't hold your breath (especially during those long credits), for this movie or any further DC movies. Producer Christopher Nolan discussed his preference for no post-credits scenes back in 2014, telling The Guardian, "A real movie doesn't do that." Tell us how you really feel.

As it does, the internet has offered its two cents on the matter. Responses to this lack of a BvS post-credits scene ranged from straight up pissed to "meh." Some, like me, feel that adding in a scene that was, for instance, filled with shots from Wonder Woman's own epilogue or upcoming movie might've pumped audiences up for the next addition to the story and connected the expected sequels. I also take umbrage with Nolan's assertion that "real movies" don't have post-credit scenes; many superhero fans love these moments and happily wait through the credits for them — don't be dissin' our fandom, Chris.

Will DC take another cue from Marvel and toss up some post-credit scenes on its next flick? While I sure hope so, I also think that one should always wait through the credits to see the legions of people who make movies happen, a league of heroes in and of itself.

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