What It Costs To Live Like Yolanda Foster

Living like a Real Housewife doesn’t come cheap, especially when you’re trying to live like the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As some of the richest housewives in the franchise, many of these women are worth millions. Even the housewives who claim to be more down-to-earth and less extravagant with their money still pay a pretty penny to keep up life in Beverly Hills. Take Yolanda Foster, for example. This housewife may prefer to live naturally, keep her dinner parties small, and lounge in sweats and comfy t-shirts, but it still takes a lot of money to live like Yolanda Foster for a day. When you start adding up the cost of living in such an affluent area and what it must cost to attend the various events in her life, all of the expenses start to seem a little staggering.

So if you have dreams of living like a Real Housewife for a day, you may want to pick someone other than Yolanda Foster. Because this housewife spends a lot to live where she lives, look like she looks, and keep up her ultra-healthy lifestyle.

Just take a look at all the money Foster likely drops on the daily to keep her life in tiptop shape.

1. Fresh Produce From The Famers’ Market

If there’s one thing Yolanda Foster loves, it’s fresh produce. And now that she’s sold her Malibu home (and accompanying lemon trees), she has been turning to farmers’ markets to keep her in low-calorie food and juice cleanses. According to a Utah State University study, the average high-spending individual at a famers’ market spends $67.97 per trip. Considering Foster’s location and her love of fresh produce, I’m guessing she easily spends this and even more when she visits her local market.

Total cost: $67.97

2. Her Beautiful New Condo

After selling her beautiful home with David Foster, People reported in January that Yolanda Foster moved into a beautiful new condo that cost her a cool $4.59 million. According to Saving.org, a $4.59 million dollar mortgage would cost someone $26,785.99 per month at a 5.75% interest rate, or $892 per day.

Total cost: $892

3. Fresh Flowers

If there’s one thing Yolanda Foster can’t live without besides her babies, it’s her fresh flowers. But those don’t come cheap in a city like Los Angeles. For a “Rhapsody” bouquet from French Florist, a Los Angeles florist since 1978, it would cost Foster a cool $295 for the “over the top” version.

Total cost: $295

4. Hair And Makeup

These days, Yolanda Foster has been forgoing fancy facials and treatments in favor of going au naturel. I am personally a huge fan. And I’m guessing her wallet is too, because it is likely costing nothing each day to throw on some tinted moisturizer that she already has on hand and some nitrate-free lip balm.

Total cost: $0

5. Long Distance Phone Calls

This is probably where Yolanda Foster spends the most. With a mother who lives across the world in Holland and two daughters in New York City, Yolanda Foster probably spends a pretty penny on long-distance phone calls to her beloved family. According to Verizon Wireless’ website, calling other countries could be costing Yolanda Foster $0.20 per minute. An hour-long chat with her mom each day would therefore cost her $12.

Total cost: $12

6. Super Juices

No one loves a good juice cleanse like Yolanda Foster. And while she might not juice every single day, there are definitely enough raw juices in her fridge to suggest that she does. These juices could cost Yolanda Foster upwards of $8-$10 per bottle, according to Kreation Organic Juicery in Beverly Hills. And if she’s drinking more than one a day, this could tack on a pretty penny to her daily spending.

Total cost: $30

7. Occupational Therapy

Given her long battle of lyme disease, it’s no wonder that Yolanda Foster would engage in some sort of physical therapy, occupational therapy, or personal training to get her body back in order. And while it’s not clear which one she is using in this Instagram photo, seeing someone daily could cost her upwards of $200 per visit.

Total cost: $200

Total cost to live like Yolanda Foster for a day: $1,496.97

Apparently everything is more expensive in Beverly Hills. Even being laid back.