Miley Cyrus' Makeup Free Selfie Is Important

by May Sofi

Hey! Guess what! It turns out that celebrities really are just like us. Miley Cyrus shared a makeup-free selfie of herself on Tuesday, and the revealing photo proves that the star is a real, normal human being like the rest of us. Having perfect skin all the time is simply unrealistic, especially if you wear makeup on the regular, so I'm glad at least one celeb is being truthful about that.

The 23-year-old took to Instagram with a bare-faced selfie that revealed some common skin imperfections we have all likely experienced in the past, such as under-eye circles, redness, and even acne. Cyrus captioned the post, "Pimple under eye wtf," referring to a small red bump at the top of her left cheek. The photo appears to be a morning time, in-bed selfie, which leads me to believe that she #WokeUpLikeThis, because no one actually wakes up with a so-called flawless face everyday, right?

The songstress is rocking unruly hair, her newly debuted fringed bangs included, messy brows, and not even a drop of makeup, and she still manages to look amazing. Why? Because flaws are beautiful. It's refreshing to see a celebrity ditch the makeup and flaunt their natural skin for a change — pimples and all.

Check out the #NoMakeup photo.

I'm kind of obsessed.

Miley seems to be fond of going makeup-free, as she has done so in the past. Let's take a look at seven other times she went au naturel.

1. In This Car Selfie


2. While Applying Spot Treatment

This picture is everything.

3. While Singing Along To Rihanna's Work

Wet hair, don't care.

4. While Fighting Against Blackheads

This photo/caption makes me an even bigger fan of hers.

5. While Walking Her Dog

If I looked half this good without makeup, I'd ditch it forever.

6. When She Has Pimples

The struggle is real.

7. While Green Juicing

So pretty. Miley, you're the greatest.