Here's How To Have a Long-Distance Netflix Party

Fortuitously, the girls I sat next to during our college's convocation became my best friends. We lived together for four years, hosted countless parties, watched countless movies, and then suddenly, upon graduating, we shifted into four different time zones. Sure, we were making new friends and establishing new rituals, but every so often we'd crave being able to simultaneously watch Little Women together and speak exclusively in our weird inside jokes. I really, really, really wish Netflix Party Chrome extension, which lets you watch movies with distant friends, had been around during our first year out of college. It would have made those homesick Sunday evenings so much less "the worst."

Though it was not created by Netflix, the Netflix Party Google Chrome Extension really amps up everyone's favorite video streaming service. Installing it is pretty painless: Just open this page using Google Chrome and hit the "Install" link. The "NP" logo will appear in the top righthand corner of your browser, next to the web address bar.

Once you begin watching a Netflix video, whether it's a movie or a TV show, the Netflix Party logo will turn red. Click on it, and you'll be provided with a URL to copy and send to friends. Everyone's screens should sync up. A little chat bar will appear on the righthand side of the screen, allowing you all to communicate and get your Princess Diaries fix. Or whatever it is that you guys want to watch. I don't know your lives. You do you.

Enhance your viewing pleasure even more by hosting a remote watch party with these following tips. Stay cozy, dudes, and may you always be able to share that episode of The Office when Michael becomes Prison Mike.

1. Make A Pillow Fort

Being able to watch a movie together across states, or oceans, or even just a few blocks is honestly kind of magical. Amp up that sleepover vibe by making a pillow fort, and you will soon be transported to literally the coziest place in the entire world. It's even better if you all make pillow forts, no matter where you are.

2. Send Your Fellow Viewers Care Packages

Fill them with your favorite snacks, and anything else one needs to survive two-plus hours of sitting still: Nail polish, temporary tats, sheet masks, one of those fleece blankets we all made in high school. Yes, this step requires some planning ahead, but pack your care packages with enough supplies to last several movies and you won't have to deal with the post office quite as often. This is especially important when you guys are communicating internationally, and one of you hasn't tasted peanut butter in months.

3. Practice Some Self Care

One of my favorite things to do while at a sleepover was to engage in some DIY beauty. Why not engage in some long-distance refining-of-pores? Here's a whole list of food-based face masks, so you don't even have to change out of those hella comfy PJs. You just need to make it to the kitchen.

4. Dress Up

If a tiara is worn in solitude, is it even worn at all? Yes, duh — and besides, you're not alone. You're watching your favorite movie with your friends. They just happen to be in a different location as you while you do it. A favorite memory of mine was piling on a tiara and fistfuls of glittery jewelry to watch the Tony Awards remotely with all of my friends when I was living alone one summer.

And that, my friends, is how you have a long-distance Netflix viewing party. Now it's your turn. Have fun!

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