Hakeem Could Be In Serious Danger On 'Empire'

When Hakeem cast the deciding vote that removed Lucious as chairman and CEO of Empire Records, fans knew it was going to definitely put a strain on their relationship. However, I wasn't fully prepared to discover just how far Lucious is willing to go to get it back. In fact, based off of his recent behavior during Wednesday night's episode, I'm starting to seriously worry that Lucious will end up killing Hakeem on Empire in order to regain control of the company. I mean, I know how much this music empire means to Lucious. Heck, it's even what drove him to kill his good friend and confidante Bunkie back in Season 1. But this is his own son that we're talking about here. Surely Lucious would never be able to pull that trigger... right?!?!

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case here. Lucious promised to give Cookie 48 hours in order to clear this mess up, but he made it clear that if she failed, he would the necessary steps to de-throne Hakeem as acting CEO. (I should mention that he was menacingly loading a gun during this little exchange, so his point was pretty clear.) But just in case there was any doubt of his intentions, Lucious met up with Hakeem later on at the exact same spot where he'd shot and killed Bunkie. He handed the gun over to his son and told him to pull the trigger because if he didn't, then the next time they met, the roles would be reversed.

Hakeem couldn't do it though, proving that he hasn't given into his father's darkness. Not yet, at least. And as he walked away, Lucious assured him that intends to keep his promise to take him down by any means necessary. Is this just all talk or does Lucious actually intend to kill his flesh and blood? I honestly can't say for sure at this point, but based on the look of hatred and anger in his eyes, I'd say Lucious could be capable of anything at this point. In other words, watch your back, Hakeem.

Image: Chuck Hodes/FOX; Giphy