Barry Helps Iris Find Closure On 'The Flash'

In Tuesday night's episode of The Flash, Barry didn't just travel through time, he traveled back in time to when Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne was still in charge of S.T.A.R. Labs and where an Eddie Thawne was still very much alive. My emotions are quite literally all over the place. See, while Barry's time trip was less about Eddie and more about getting Eobard to help him increase his speed, for me, it was Eddie that truly propelled the story forward — the love story of Barry and Iris on The Flash, that is.

You see, when the episode opened, we encountered a downtrodden and reflective Iris. She seemed happy about her date with her boss, Scott, as she was recalling it to Barry, but her smile was the kind that didn't quite reach the eyes. The reason soon became clear — Eddie. But the interesting thing here isn't Iris' new beau or Eddie's lingering memory, it's what Barry says to Iris. He tells her not to keep herself "closed off" and that if she does she might "miss something great."

Sure, this could foreshadow Iris and Scott's potential relationship, but this quote seems prophetic. Remember friends, Iris and Barry are married on Earth-2. Besides, I think this was foreshadowing WestAllen for another major reason. Just moments later, Barry gets to go back in time and see Eddie and help provide Iris with the closure she needs.

Barry did what anyone who truly loves someone would do: put Iris' happiness first. While I'm sure it was very difficult for Barry to have Eddie record a love note to Iris beyond (before?) the grave, he did it because he knew it was exactly what she needed. And when Iris watches the video, that closure she gets from his message becomes abundantly clear.

But, let's get back on the foreshadowing train. Eddie gives Iris a beautiful and heartfelt (unknowing) goodbye, but a few things he said in particular stuck out to me. Eddie's words mirror Barry's from the start of the episode. He proclaims that while he and Iris love each other, she doesn't "need" him. He tells her she's "fearless" and "independent." He says, "You deserve the world ... You deserve to be happy for the rest of your life." That was Eddie's blessing for Iris to move on. And, who better to move on to than the very person who delivered that message of hope?

Scott may come become between WestAllen for a little while, but after this storyline, I think it's only a matter of time before Barry and Iris finally get together on The Flash — and in the current timeline for once.

Image: Diyah Pera/The CW