How To Find Your Uber Passenger Rating

I feel slightly behind on the times, because I didn't even know this was a thing. I mean, I already knew that you could rate your Uber driver — but the same goes for the reverse, and I legitimately had no idea. I have good news on that front, too: If you're wondering how to find your Uber passenger rating, it's now even easier than ever. Apparently, you used to have to email Uber's customer service and ask them; now, though, you simply follow a few steps, clickity click a few buttons within your account, and voila! Your score is revealed.

Honestly, I like the idea. There have been all kinds of ugly stories in the news surrounding Uber drivers who don't play by the rules, but let's not forget that drivers can be victims too. Being able to rate each other better ensures that customers — like drivers — are on their best behavior. And it turns out that if you're misbehaving, your score could drop so much that you have a hard time catching a ride; you could even be kicked off the Uber system entirely.

I logged in to my boyfriend's Uber account and did a little PI work to figure out exactly how you can find your rating as a customer. You can do it on both the desktop version and the app; I've found the desktop way the easiest, but just so we have all our bases covered, I'm including instructions for both methods here. Let's start with...

On Desktop:

1. Visit Uber's Help Center

Once you've logged in to your Uber account, scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you'll find a link to the Help Center. Click that.

2. Utilize Uber's Search Box

On the next page, type "passenger rating" into the search box. You should see a few options populate, one of which is "I'd like to know my rating." Click that.

3. Request Your Rating

This is where you might encounter an extra step, but fret not. For whatever reason, the next page tells me that I need to sign in to continue, even though I'm already signed in. So I click "Sign in to get help" anyway.

Without having to sign in again, this is where I'm taken; and this next page that pops up is what you want to see. Click "Submit" at the bottom there.

4. Learn Your Fate

I thought it was going to take a few minutes for the results to show, but it was immediate. And my boyfriend has a flawless five-star rating.

Not too painful, right? If you're using the Uber app on your mobile device, you can just as easily get your passenger rating. Here's how.

On The App:

1. Access All Of Your Profile Options

Sign in, and tap the profile icon in the top left corner. Then...

...Click the help button.

2. Go To Your Account Settings

Click on "Account," and a menu with a bunch of new options will open up:

Select "I'd like to know my rating."

3. Click "Submit"

Just like in the desktop version!

4. The Results, Please

And there you have it!

Images: Megan Grant/Bustle (11)