Hillary Might Have Visited Beyonce On Set — UPDATE

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to live in a time and a space and a world where I get to ask this next question, so let's just hop right to it. Is Hillary Clinton going to be in Beyoncé's next music video? I know. The excitement potential there is high, but it's about to go through the roof when I tell you that the answer is "maybe." No one from either camps is talking about this on the record, you understand, but there are people in this world whose job it is to know things, and they're leading me to understand that Clinton may have had a meeting with Beyoncé on the set of the latter's new video on Mar. 24. My imagination is fully taking it from there.

(Edit: According to Dan Merica from CNN, a representative for Hillary Clinton stated that this visit to the set of Beyoncé's music video didn't occur.)

Earlier: After all, Clinton did just do that amazing Broad City cameo, so she's clearly up for any moments in the pop culture spotlight that come her way. Plus, my brain is totally on overload imagining these two dancing next to each other. Getting in formation, if you will.

The only thing that makes me slightly pessimistic about Clinton's chances of showing up in whatever project it is that Beyoncé is about to bless us with is that it's being described as an "impromptu visit." And since Queen Bey is such a genius at micromanaging — and I really do mean that in a good way — it seems unlikely that she'd be able to completely change her game plan for an entire video just because a presidential candidate wanted to come receive her holy wisdom, and that was the only time their schedules overlapped.

However, Beyoncé also isn't the type of lady to let an opportunity like that get away from her, so I'm gonna leave my speculation on this topic at a solid "maybe," and cross my fingers in hopes that inches it a little closer to "yes."

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