How To Make Your Own Choker If You Want To Jump On The Hot '90s Trend — VIDEOS

Want to jump on the whole choker trend that's happening without dropping tons of cash? With these amazing YouTube tutorials for how to make your own choker, you'll be cranking out homemade ones in no time. Yay for DIY life!

If you're not totally on board with the choker renaissance yet, you should seriously consider getting pumped for the trendy little necklace again. The '90s and early '00s were prime time for chokers, and isn't a little nostalgia-inducing fashion always fun?

As for inspiration on the kind of choker you might want to design and make, Bustle writers have you covered. To gather ideas, don't miss all these unconventional chokers you need in your life, as well the sexy velvet choker Kourtney Kardashian was spotted in on Instagram.

And if the idea of DIY jewelry intimidates you, all I can say is you're totally capable of making a choker. The videos below all break down every tool you need to create storefront-worthy designs in no time. Heck, maybe you can even start a side business when you get good at it. #GirlBoss

Find the type of choker you want to make below, and then go get it girl!

1. Braided Choker

Vaaanesser on YouTube

For a classic braided choker like the ones you used to obsess over from Claire's, look no further.

2. Lolita Choker

shane vang on YouTube

Channel your favorite doll with this sweet Lolita doll DIY choker.

3. Studded Choker

HeyKayElle on YouTube

Get a little punky with this rockstar choker look.

4. Spiked Choker

Yumi King玉米姐姐 on YouTube

Or go super hardcore with a spiked one!

5. Sliding Knot Choker

ANewWayToThink on YouTube

Easily adjustable, this choker is a great starting point for getting comfortable with DIY jewelry.

6. Chunky Charm Choker

Mark Montano on YouTube

Got a lot of charms to use up? This is the choker look for you!

7. Leather Pearl Choker

MichouBeads on YouTube

To make a major statement with a subtle piece of jewelry, try making a beautiful single pearl leather choker.

8. Wrap Choker

Erin Rose on YouTube

Wraparound chokers are always the perfect way to spice up a simple nighttime look, and Erin Rose breaks down the easiest way to make it happen.

9. Velvet Choker

Clean and classic, velvet chokers will never go out of style.

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