9 Unconventional Chokers You Need To Own

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my tattoo choker more than anything in this world. I wear it every day, and feel naked without it. However, lately I've been scouring the Internet for the best choker necklaces out there because, well, my favorite accessory in the world was lost last week. Chokers, especially black tattoo chokers like the one I owned, are just so versatile. They immediately elevate any look to "cute '90s punk" status, and what could be better than that?

However, there are many other ways besides the classic tattoo choker to rock these necklaces. Ways that involve wild colors, glitter, leather, velvet, and even pom-poms. Whether you want to channel the '90s, '60s flower power, or Victorian looks, there's pretty much a choker for every occasion.

Take it from me — arguably the basic tattoo choker's biggest fan — that it can be hard to step out of your comfort zone. But what better way is there to explore your favorite accessory's various facets than trying out as many unconventional versions of it as you can? Plus, no matter what design or color you opt for, you can't possibly go wrong with a choker necklace.

Here are some of your best options if you're willing to dip your toe into unconventional choker necklace territory.

1. Glitter

Purple Glitter Tattoo Choker, $4, Etsy

Add a touch of glittery color to your tattoo choker repertoire with this necklace.

2. Charmed

The Saturn Choker, $7, Etsy

You can even try a charm choker necklace. There are so many options including Venus symbols, yin yangs, and this cute saturn one. Layer it over your classic tattoo choker to add some more edge to your look.

3. Flower Girl

Tattoo Choker Necklace with Daisies, $5, Claire's

Embrace your inner flower child and wear it across your neck instead of your head with this adorable choker.

4. Velvet

Basic Velvet Choker, $5.50, ASOS

If you love velvet as much as I do, you'll adore this red velvet choker. Try one with a brooch and you'll be exuding all of the Country Western Belle vibes.

5. Victorian

Isabelle Choker Necklace, $18, Urban Outfitters

Channel your inner Victorian self and check out this lace choker with an adjustable clasp at the back.

6. Macrame-Inspired

Suzywan Deluxe Moon Child Choker, $10.50, Nasty Gal

Get really outside of the box and try this cute baby blue choker, complete with fuzzy blue pom-poms. It's definitely a statement piece.

7. Fancy

Ball-Bearing Choker, $10.90, Forever 21

This very modern take on the choker would be perfect for pairing with any formal outfit, as well as dressing up your favorite T-shirt and jeans.

8. Simple & Elegant

Black Velvert Double Strand Choker Collar Necklace, $4.39, Etsy

Go for a simple, more elegant look with this dainty double strand collar. Bonus: This one's velvet too.

9. Edgy

Tighten Up Vegan Leather Choker, $19.60, Nasty Gal

Channel your kinky side and invest in a sexy leather collar.

There is no grander accessory than the choker, my friends.

Images: Courtesy Brands