How Long Does Kylie Jenner Spend On Her Nails? She Likes To Take Her Sweet Time

If you follow Kylie Jenner on Instagram, you've probably seen one of her many nail snaps over the years. It's clear that beauty is one of Jenner's biggest passions, so it's not surprising that she spends a lot of time on her nails. However, the amount of time she invests in her manicure might be. In a recent interview about her new line of Sinful color nail polishes with People Stylewatch, Kylie Jenner admitted that she will sometimes spend up to five hours on her nails.

Every week, Jenner sits down for a manicure, which in the past have lasted up to five hours as nail artists created meticulous works of art on each of her talons, but that isn't standard. Although, let's be real, if I were trying to paint my nails a la Kylie Jenner, I feel like it would definitely take me at least five hours, so no judgement here. In the past, Jenner opted for longer, more dramatic nails, but she recently told Cosmopolitan that she is "really into natural nails" at the moment, keeping hers short and neatly painted.

It seems like nice nails are a necessary requirement for being a Kardashian, thanks to momager Kris Jenner, who basically made her children get manicures back in the day. Hence why all of the Kardashians' nails are on fleek.

Kylie is definitely not the only celeb who spends an exorbitant amount of time getting pampered. Her sister Kim Kardashian has a 50-step makeup routine, which she and her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic demonstrated to students at a class in Los Angeles (mad props to the people who were patient enough to witness a 50-step makeup routine. I think I would have a hard time sitting still while someone did a 50-step makeup routine on me).

On the other hand, Kendall Jenner says that it only takes her ten minutes to get ready in the morning. While her siblings spend their mornings getting perfectly contoured, Jenner favors a simpler routine, often going makeup-free.

Whether you want to spend two hours getting ready each morning or just roll out of bed to tackle the day, you do you, ladies. But the next time you think you're investing too much time on your mani, just know that Kylie Jenner would totally approve.

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