The Flame Is Key To 'The 100' & Lexa's Legacy

There are still so many questions to answer as The 100 Season 3 approaches its finale, which will air on May 19. One of the biggest is who will get the flame following Lexa's death, which the cast discussed at a WonderCon appearance. Nothing will ever fill the hole left by the tragedy of the episode “Thirteen,” which was heartbreaking not only because fans had to watch Clarke say goodbye to Lexa shortly after they had sex, but because her death followed an unfortunate tradition of shows killing gay characters for dramatic purposes. Many fans were extremely disappointed to see this from The 100, which has been lauded for its depiction of sexuality, and in a Medium article, series creator Jason Rothenberg apologized for the handling of Lexa’s death after seeing fans' reactions. "I promise you burying, baiting or hurting anyone was never our intention," he said. "It’s not who I am."

Though Rothenberg now sees the problematic aspects of Lexa's death, that doesn't bring her back, and the plot has continued to move forward. However, there may be a way to at least keep Lexa’s spirit alive on The 100, thanks to that aforementioned flame. In the back of her neck was the computer chip referred to as the flame, and whoever takes command of 12 Clans next will get it in their own neck. Many fans may assume that the most rightful new home of the flame would be within Clarke, however, star Kass Morgan suggests that may be wrong. "Not necessarily,” she said of Clarke getting the flame. “I’m not a Nightblood, sadly.”

However, there’s still a chance Lexa’s spirit can live on in someone worthy. Rothenberg said to expect many contenders, and even if they have to be Nightbloods, there’s a whole battle among them coming up in the Conclave. "I feel like we’ve now reached a point in the season where all roads lead to the flame,” the showrunner said. “The thing that came out of Lexa’s head really is the MacGuffin. Everybody wants it. The new commander, whoever wins the Conclave, is going to need it to ascend ... Clarke wants to make sure that the right person gets it to carry on Lexa’s legacy and make sure that her people aren’t going to be wiped out by whoever gets it next.”

But while everyone else is focused on getting the flame because of what it will bring them, Clarke sees it as more of a spark of hope. "One thing I’m really happy about and something I think gives Clarke a reason to carry on is the fact that she has to believe that Lexa’s in this A.I. and she does,” Taylor said. "She truly believes that [Lexa is] in there and as long as she keeps this safe, [Clark has] got her. So it’s all about making sure it doesn’t go into Ontari’s head, basically.

Of course, Ontari isn't the only person after the flame. The A.L.I.E. whom Jaha found has been looking for her upgrade since the end of Season 2, and the flame is it. Rothenberg reveals that she wants it too, so many different storylines will soon converge in this pursuit. "All roads lead to the flame and it becomes a very focused story," he said.

Let's just hope that at the end of that road is someone worthy of Lexa's legacy. Saying goodbye was hard enough, and The 100 should ensure that her character is honored in the way she deserves.

Images: Cate Cameron/The CW (3)