'The 100' Season 3 Spoilers From Lindsey Morgan Tease Death, Flashbacks, & More

If you thought living in a post-apocalyptic world was easy, The 100 is here to tell you could not be more wrong. Actually, it is the opposite of easy. After facing off against the likes of Reapers, Grounders, and Mountain Men throughout these past few years, the Sky People will once again find themselves right in the center of yet another looming battle when The 100 Season 3 returns. However, unlike previous seasons, we'll finally get a chance to see what Earth was like before the apocalypse and how it all came to be. At least, that's what Lindsey Morgan, who plays the tech savvy Raven Reyes, recently shared during an interview with Bustle, along with teasing several other juicy spoilers about The 100 Season 3.

"You get to see the world that they're living in so much more," Morgan explains. "You get to meet new factions of the Grounders. You get to see their world and how life really is on Earth. Then you get to see us kind of going back a bit as far as what happened to the end of the world and leading up to it and how the apocalypse came." So does that mean that fans can expect some non-Ark related flashbacks to occur throughout the season? "Yes, yes you can."

But blasts from the past aren't the only things viewers have to look forward to. In fact, Morgan assures us that the Sky People will be facing their biggest battle yet. "There's a lot of Game of Thrones moments that really kind of take your breath away. You're going to love it," she reveals. However, just like with any big battle, there's bound to be a few casualties. And considering how this series isn't afraid to kill off main characters (RIP Finn), Morgan says we can expect to face a few more heartbreaking goodbyes this season as well. "Get ready," she warns. "No one is safe. Literally, no one." (Anyone else starting to suddenly feel very nervous about all this?)

As for Morgan's character, Raven herself, we can expect to find her going through quite the emotional journey in the wake of all that she's lost.

"You definitely see Raven at, I wouldn't say the height of her depression because technically it's her lowest point. You'll see Raven in a light where you see everything that she's been through finally take its toll on her, like losing Finn and losing Clarke, everything they've been through with the Grounders. And also her body's own limitations. You really see it affect her and she's going through a lot of chronic pain with her leg, which results in mental depression too, but also just an overall post-traumatic stress depression from everything else."

But don't worry, it won't always be all doom and gloom for Raven. "She does find a very unique place of happiness," Morgan hints. "I can't tell you how or what that is, but by midseason you'll definitely get to see some smiles from Raven in a very interesting way." Could she potentially be referring to her complicated relationship with Wick? Last we saw, these two had grown quite close (physically and emotionally) at the end of Season 2, though it's hard to say where things currently stand in light of the recent horrors they've faced. "You'll see by the first episode where they are," Morgan promises. "You'll have to see."

Then again, maybe it has nothing to do with romance at all. Maybe it'll have something to do with Raven's big story arc coming up that Morgan says will make her become an even greater asset to the Sky People than ever before. "I can't tell you what happens to her, but Raven becomes even more vital to them as the season goes on." Is anyone else's sci-fi senses tingling? Let the speculating and theorizing begin!

Images: Cate Cameron/The CW; Kalie Johnston; chrmdpoet/Tumblr