Here's Where To Buy Kylie Jenner's Matte Polishes

You need to set some time aside this weekend to do a little shopping! Kylie Jenner's second Sinful Colors nail polish collection is launching. Her Trend Matters range, which features Pure Satin Mattes and Velvety Demi Mattes, along with Shimmer Mattes, lands at retail on April 1 and follows her debut King Kylie Sinful Shine collection. The Trend Matters collection, which is of course 5-free, meaning it is devoid of icky chemicals, is the same texture as her always sold out Kylie Lip Kits. So if you manage to snag these products for your lips and tips, you will match. Where can you buy the Kylie Jenner x Sinful Shine Trend Matters nail polishes, which are crazy affordable at $2.99 a bottle? Well, they are being sold in two popular locations, with a twist.

The Pure Satin Mattes will be exclusively available at Target to start. This segment features trendy reds and neutrals. Jenner's two faves in this set are Taupe is Chic and Konstellation, so keep that in mind when shopping. The Trend Matters Pure Satin Mattes will be sold at other mass retailers at a later date.

The Velvety Demi Mattes will be sold at exclusively at Walgreens at first. They will eventually be sold at other mass retail outposts. The formula is matte with a light sheen and the shades are on point with fashion trends. Jenner's faves in this texture? Kurtsey and I Klove You.

Since Targets and Walgreens locations are everywhere, you won't have a hard time finding Kylie Jenner x Sinful Shine x Trend Matters or taking inspo from the teen reality star. Of the range, Jenner said,"I am loving matte polish. I feel it is the way to go if you are going simple and don’t want to do too much. It's a great way to just add a little spazz to your nails."

Sinful Colors Kylie Jenner Trend Matters Collection, $15, Amazon

Spazz?! Yes! Jenner also commented about how this collection allows her to explore her nail art creative side, saying, "I also love experimenting with negative space. With this collection, I got to do both!"

Oh, and King Kylie provided some tips on how to work these new nail polishes! Pay attention, since she has some super cool suggestions.

Pure Satin Matte in Taupe is Chic, $3, Sinful Colors

Jenner is also getting in touch with her more ladylike side with the Pure Satin Mattes series of lacquers. "I feel like nails are feminine, which I love as I am also feeling more girly style-wise," Jenner said in a statement provided by PR.

Shimmer Matte in Kool for KuKumber, $3, Sinful Colors

She continued, "These awesome matte shimmers in barely-there pastel shades are colors, but just like hints… perfect for accents or for a look that can work with every outfit. I love Kool for KuKumber, which is the lightest green shimmer; Magik Touch, a touch of light sky blue; and ButterKup, a hint of bright yellow."

Velvety Demi Matte in Kurtsey, $3, Sinful Colors

The Velvety Demi Mattes also cater to her trend-influencing moods! In the press release, Jenner said, "My nail looks reflect my moods. Sometimes I have crazy nails and sometimes my look is chill, but to me, it is always artwork. The newest thing I am into with nail art is the negative space mani. There are so many ways to play it. We did this with Kurtsey, a cool gray blue that really pops. For a more dramatic night look, this mani would also work great with I Klove You."

Happy shopping and stocking up this weekend. At $3 a pop, you can buy several and not make a dent in your wallet.

Also, if you are totally overwhelmed by where to find the PSM or the VDM or the MS shades, there is a store locator on the Sinful Shine site, so make use of that, as well.

Images: Courtesy of Sinful Colors (5)