Whoopi Wants To Cure Your Period Cramps With This

There's a new option to help period cramps coming— and it's being brought to you by weed and Whoopi. Whoopi Goldberg, along with edibles maker Maya Elisabeth, has announced a collaboration named Whoopi & Maya. The company plans to sell weed-infused salves and edibles aimed at helping your period cramps,The Daily Beast reports.

And boy is there a market for it — 50 percent of women have painful menstrual cramps each month, including Goldberg herself (and yours truly). But somehow it's still been described as "niche." Goldberg told The Daily Beast: "When I asked whether there was medicinal cannabis out there to give relief to women with cramps, I was told that would be a ‘niche’ product... We’re here for that niche, which is made up of half the population.”

Exactly, there are so many women who suffer with this, but as Goldberg points out most options available are full of ingredients she "couldn’t pronounce." This offers an alternative. Initial products will include a sipping chocolate, bath soak, and topical rub.

The efficacy of marijuana to treat cramps has been questioned by scientists, but there doesn't seem to have been much research on the subject either way. Goldberg comes from her own experience using marijuana to treat various types of pain and her attitude seems to be if it works for you, great— telling The Daily Beast: “I can’t say that EVERY woman will find relief from our product, BUT the ones that do will be better for it".

It sounds great to me, but every woman is different. Here are other options to help with your period, if medical marijuana doesn't work for you:

1. More Orgasms

Don't you wish this was the solution to everything? It sounds too good to be true — but it works. Orgasms help in two ways— they make your cramps better, which is obviously a win. But they also make your period over faster by helping shed the uterine lining more quickly, so fewer cramps overall.

2. Change Your Birth Control

If you're having insane periods out of the blue, it might be your birth control. Some make your periods heavier, some lighter, and some gone altogether. With some, the effect is temporary, but if you're having really problematic period you might need to talk to your doctors about whether it's right for you.

3. Check Your Diet

Changes to your diet can make your cramps better— or worse— so be sure to be aware of what you're putting into your body when you're menstruating. Leafy greens and other foods high in calcium are supposed to relieve cramping, as are pumpkin seeds, ginger (a personal favorite of mine), celery, and more. And obviously Ben and Jerry are there for emotional support.

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