What Birth Control Do You Use? 16 Women Reveal Their Favorite Method And Why They Love It

When the Pill was first introduced to the public in 1960, it was a game-changer — not only was it a new, reliable birth control method, it was among the first contraceptives in history that gave women complete control over their sexual and reproductive lives. Prior to the invention of the Pill, women who wanted to have sex with men but didn't want to get pregnant had to depend on their male partners using condoms, or use complicated methods like the diaphragm, which were difficult to obtain. Younger or economically disadvantaged women often had to rely on iffier and more old-fashioned birth control methods. But the invention of the Pill opened the door, and in the decades since, the market has been flooded with effective birth control methods for women.

But while it's great to have so many birth control options, birth control in America is still far from perfect. Many hormonal contraceptives come with side effects, from depression and mood swings to a serious drop in libido. And even when we've found the birth control method that works for us, there are still many roadblocks to accessing it — for example, some insurance programs refuse to cover certain forms of birth control (mine won’t cover the IUD).

To find out more about the state of contraception in 2015, we asked 16 women to talk about their favorite forms of birth control and why they love them — and found out that though a lot has changed for women in the 55 years since the Pill was first introduced, our relationships with our birth control methods can still be complex.

1. Leah, 25

2. Colleen, 30

3. Elisa, 24

4. Sarah, 35

5. Jen, 32

6. Hilary, 31

7. Liz, 25

8. Becky, 29

9. Ilana, 24

10. Gabrielle, 32

11. Erin, 20

12. Jamie, 21

13. Marion, 30

14. Lauren, 33

15. Allie, 22

16. Lynne, 32

Images: courtney.mathis/Instagram; Giphy(17)