4 Major Instagram Changes You Missed This Week

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Once we get used to an app, the developers change it — it's how they keep us on our toes. If you haven't been keeping up, the amount of Instagram changes you missed this week are stacking up. That's right, Instagram is going through a major renovation, they're changing up their algorithms and switching up their features. The updates they're rolling out will both change the way you use the app and the way you view the app.

While our initial reactions to updates are always negative — we get very nostalgic for the software we use — I think this one will be met with open minds. That's because most of these changes are opening up the opportunity for us to post more, see more of what we like and find what we're looking for. So, what's to hate? Other than the fact that it will take some getting used to. There will undoubtedly be a few errors sponsored by bewildered thumbs, but after a few weeks we'll be so used to the new Instagram that we won't remember life before it. And then of course when the next update rolls in, we'll feel nostalgic for this version. Here are the changes you might have missed this week if Instagram isn't your top priority:


So the new algorithm, which is still rolling out to users starting this week, is supposed to make your Instagram viewing experience more finely-tuned to your interests and the accounts you're most committed to. The update will curate your feed for you, not dissimilar to Facebook, in a way that lets you see what's most important, rather than what's freshest. All the posts in your feed will still be there, they'll just be ordered differently. So you won't miss anything, you'll just be greeted by your faves first. (Note: if you still want to make sure you don't miss updates from particular friends, turn on your notifications for them.)

Video Length

Now you won't have to worry about being cut off — the new Instagram videos will be 60 seconds long. That's long enough to record the better half of a song at a concert. Long enough to record a commercial. Long enough to record the making of a sandwich. Use your imagination, you'll be inspired by the freedom 60 seconds gives you.


Instagram has definitely taken a note from Snapchat and Vine — we love our multi clip videos. Now Instagram is offering the service, which allows users to crop together several videos into one post through the app instead of editing somewhere else and uploading. It gives us more of an opportunity to be storytellers, which is really what many of us use social media for. This new feature will definitely spark some creativity amongst the more socially inclined users.


You've probably seen a lot of "Turn me on" graphics on Instagram in the last few days with arrows pointing up to the upper righthand corner of the screen. That's because turning on post notifications for individual users is one of the best ways to secure someone's feed in the new algorithm. If you don't want to miss your ex's latests posts, turn on their notifications in the upper right hand corner. (Or use this opportunity to stop stalking them, your call.)

Images: Pixabay, Giphy