What Colors Are The Glosses By Kylie Jenner? She Just Reveled Some Exciting Shades — VIDEO

Remember when this makeup maven restocked her lip kits and they sold out in 30 minutes? If you do, then you realize just how exciting the release of new products from her Kylie Cosmetics line really is! This time, Kylie Jenner surprised us with a YouTube reveal of her newest lippies, and I literally felt it would be a crime not to show you what they look like. So, what colors are the Glosses by Kylie Jenner? You're about to find out!

If you're into nude shades like me, then you're totally in luck this time! The three lip gloss shades are called "Like", "Literally" and "So Cute," and they cover everything from soft beige to ballet pink.

The @KylieCosmetics Instagram post revealed the new video, but if you watched the whole thing, you'd know that these glosses are launching on Apr. 1. After less than an hour of the post hitting social media, close to 2,000 comments have been posted and fans seem to be more excited than ever!

But before we get to the video, let's take a closer look at the new colors:


For all of those ballet pink lovers like me out there, this one's for you.


If you want a barely-there but still feminine shade, "Literally" won't disappoint.

So Cute

And finally, if you are looking for the perfect shade of beige that will leave you right on trend without washing you out, look no further than "So Cute".

More importantly, let's get to the short drama presented to you by the Kylie Cosmetics team:

Kylie Cosmetics on YouTube

I know, I know... Kylie looks totally amazing. But once we all are proud owners of "Like", we will all be slaying, too!