Kylie Jenner Glosses Are Coming

ICYMI — Kylie Jenner released a music video called "Glosses" on Thursday, throwing everyone for a loop and thus breaking the Internet once again. I have got to admit, she is getting pretty good at sparking social media frenzies — the last time she restocked her lip kits, she basically broke Google. If KJ fans still go that crazy for Lip Kits, I have absolutely no doubts that they will lose their minds over the launch of her new glosses. You may now be wondering — how much are glosses by Kylie Jenner? Let's delve in a little further, shall we? UPDATE: According to an Instagram post, the Kylie Glosses will be $15 a piece.

EARLIER: If you watch the video closely, you'll notice one of the brunette models pulling out a tube from a signature Jenner box covered in drip-style graphics. When she flips over the packaging, only one product comes sliding out, unlike the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits, which include a lipstick and a lipliner. This scenario leads me to believe that the new glosses will not come with a matching liner, and will therefore come a little cheaper.

The original Kylie Lip Kits rake in at $29 plus $8.95 for shipping. While shipping costs will likely stay the same, I predict the glosses will land somewhere around $20, give or take a few bucks.

This packaging looks smaller, too.

According to the music video, the glosses are launching on Friday, Apr. 1. Until then, I'll be playing this on repeat.

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