'Legends Of Tomorrow' Just Cast A Mysterious Role

Big news: Patrick J. Adams has just been tapped to get suited up in a whole new way. The 34-year-old Suits actor is set to join DC's Legends of Tomorrow in their Season 1 finale titled "Legendary," set to air May 19 — but as to who the Adams will portray on Legends of Tomorrow, well that is still a big fat mystery. All we have so far is TVLine's Thursday report that Adams' character will be “a beloved superhero from the DC canon,” that has “a mysterious past and equally mysterious agenda.” Hmm, I think it's time we put our thinking caps on here people for this one.

With the Waverider team already jam-packed and remaining rather unchanged with Ray Palmer (played by Brandon Routh), Rip Hunter (played by Arthur Darvill), Hawkgirl (played by Ciara Renée), Martin Stein (played by Victor Garber), Sara Lance (played by Caity Lotz), Firestorm (played by Franz Drameh), and Leonard Snart (played by Wentworth Miller) — the death of Hawkman and departure of Mick Rory could mean a new addition or major villain for the heroes to face in Season 2.

So, whose superhero shoes could Adams fill? Well, it's possible that he could play Booster Gold, a time-traveler who has connections to Rip Hunter and who The Flash’s ‘Welcome to Earth-2′ episode possibly hinted at. Or, it could be the Animal Man, the superhero who gains his power from the abilities of animals. It could even be Richard Grayson, a young Batman Family vigilante.

Though it's fair to say that Adams could play really any of the many other superheroes in the DC world, if one is attempting to narrow down who he could be playing, it's worth noting that hhis character will not take on a leading role in the finale episode — but the finale will instead be a launching pad for the option of a few reoccurrences in the upcoming second season. And while producers seem to be remaining tight-lipped about what suit he will be wearing this May, it's likely we won't have an official confirmation on his uniform until much closer to the Season 1 finale.

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