How To Download Kylie's Music Video Song, "3 Strikes" By Terror Jr, If You're Obsessed With It

ICYMI, Thursday's biggest beauty news happened when Kylie Jenner released a music video for the launch of her new lipgloss collection. The three-minute video, "Glosses," basically broke the Internet and fans completely freaked out on Twitter about the possibility of Kylie-branded lipglosses from the starlet. When I wasn't distracted by Jenner's insane Rolls-Royce in the video (or her adorable Louis Vuitton headscarf), I was totally enamored by the catchy song playing in the background. So I just had to know how to download Jenner's music video song, "3 Strikes" by Terror Jr.

Right now, the song is available on SoundCloud, the free listening service that lets you stream music online. It's the only song on Terror Jr's page, and there's basically no information about the artist on the page, or anywhere on the Internet. Even the social media accounts listed on the page appear to be created super recently — maybe the artist knew they'd hit it big once Jenner released a video using the song? Another theory? It's Kylie Jenner singing — gasp!

Either way, it was a smart business movie to create the accounts in advance. Other than SoundCloud, it's pretty difficult to find the song available online for download. And, as much as I like listening to music online, I wanted a download to listen to offline. Both "3 Strikes" and Terror Jr aren't on iTunes, so I had to turn to other sources.

It's totally mysterious, right? This is the only picture on Terror Jr's Instagram page, and it's super cryptic. I still definitely wanted to know where to download the song, so I had to look elsewhere. Right now, a couple websites like aioMP3, and 360musicng have it available for download, but they're not mainstream music sources, so I'd proceed with caution. Hopefully it'll be available for download on iTunes soon, but in the meantime, I'll be listening to it on repeat on SoundCloud.

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