'Making A Murderer's Dean Strang To Host New Docuseries, So Prepare To See More Of Your Favorite Lawyer

Good (great) news: You have not seen the last of irrefutably likable defense attorney Dean Strang from Netflix's breakout series Making A Murderer. The Wisconsin-based lawyer — who you may or may not have developed feelings for over the course of your Making a Murderer marathoning — apparently has a docuseries in the works. As Deadline reported Thursday, Strang will be hosting an eight-episode program titled Dean Strang: Road To Justice for the independent distribution company Covert Media. The series will focus on Strang's investigation of unjust legal cases — cases that in some way, shape, or form highlight a corrupt aspect of the current justice system.

Given his background, not only does this new hosting gig make sense for Strang, but it's also an altruistic move for the mild-mannered lawyer — who has arguably become the most popular and highly-regarded person from Making a Murderer. (Sidebar: Using his newfound fame to discuss more unsettling truths about the judicial system is just so perfectly Strang, isn't it?)

According to Deadline, the docuseries will be shot in vérité style (aka, a style of documentary filmmaking that's mostly improvised and does not rely on narration or voiceovers). Strang will also serve as an executive producer for the series. Handsome, a fighter for social justice, and business savvy. Don't you just love that about him? (That and well, everything else.)

Strang caught the public's eye on Netflix's Making A Murderer, a separate docuseries that followed the trial of Steven Avery — a man wrongly convicted and imprisoned from 1985 to 2003 for rape, and then convicted in 2005 for the murder of Teresa Halbach. (Avery is now serving life in prison, but maintains his innocence to this day.)

After witnessing 10 episodes of Strang's always succinct and dead-on commentary about the judicial system, there's no way anyone (not even Strang) could convince me there's a man better suited to host this new series. He's got an undeniable dedication to justice. Yes, staring at his face and impeccable normcore style would be enough to get me to watch the series, but it's not what makes him right for this.

I keep circling back to this quote from Strang in Episode 10: “If I’m going to be perfectly candid, there’s a big part of me that really hopes Steven Avery is guilty of this crime,” Strang said. “Because the thought of him being innocent of this crime and sitting in prison again for something he didn’t do, and now, for the rest of his life, without a prayer of parole — I can’t take that.”

This kind of deep compassion and competence, this is what makes Strang capable of getting others to care about the systematic issues at hand. With that being said, I'm beyond glad to welcome Strang, his strong sense of fairness — and OK fine, his dreamy eyes — back.

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