Chronos Is Unmasked On 'Legends Of Tomorrow'

Wow, when this show surprises you, it really surprises you. So, remember how it looked like Snart had frozen (and potentially killed) Mick after he betrayed the team to a bunch of time pirates? Well, I'm happy report that Mick has returned to Legends of Tomorrow , though, not in the way you would think. You see, it turns out that Mick is actually Chronos, the bounty hunter who has been chasing after the Legends since pretty much Day 1. How is this even possible? Well, it involves a lot of complex time travel mumbo jumbo, but the gist of it is that after Snart abandoned him, Mick was found by the Time Masters, who took him to a place called the Vanishing Point.

From there, they restored him and trained him for many lifetimes. (Apparently time doesn't exist properly in this Vanishing Point place.) Through his training, he became reborn and was more than happy to track the team down. Why? For vengeance, of course. Particularly against his former partner in crime, Snart, which is why he was the only one abducted during Chronos' latest attack.

So as you can imagine, this little reunion between Heat Wave and Captain Cold didn't go all that smoothly. In fact, Mick even threatened to go back in time and murder Snart's sister right in front of him over and over and over again. (Not exactly a great way to reestablish their friendship.) Either way, it's clear that Mick is nowhere close to forgiving Snart for leaving him out in the cold (quite literally). But have we reached the point where their relationship can no longer be saved? I'd like to think not.

These two have been friends and allies for years, so if there's one person who may be able to reason with Mick, it would have to be Snart. Let's just hope that they don't end up killing each other before a reconciliation can be made.

Image: Diyah Pera/The CW