These Fake Condoms Send An Important Message

In the spirit of tomfoolery and safe sex, the popular condom brand, LifeStyles, pranked the public with the arrival of three new (fake) kale, cold brew, and Sriracha-flavored condoms. Remember when you thought pumpkin spice-flavored condoms were real? Taking a cue from ~artisanal~ food trends, the fictional condoms are available in Kale, Cold Brew, and Sriracha flavors. If you were actually pumped to taste veggies and latex the next time you go down on somebody, I'm sorry to disappoint and I'm also sorry that you were excited about kale condoms.

Advertisements for the gourmet prophylactics are shared exclusively on the official LifeStyles Facebook page. When curious and incredulous social media users click on the posts, they are automatically redirected to the official LifeStyles website, where they are greeted with the message "Safe Sex Is No Joke." After all, it is estimated that one in five Americans has an STD.

The purpose of the April Fools prank is to promote condom usage by increasing traffic to the LifeStyles website, where people will be able to order protection for cheap, thanks to the real April Fool's deal. Enter the code "FOOLAROUND" during checkout, and you get free shipping on all of LifeStyles' real merchandise.

If you want to incorporate your favorite foods into sexy time, it looks like you'll have to find something besides Sriracha-infused rubber. But the good news is that you can still protect yourself. To celebrate April Fool's, let's take a closer look at these made-up condoms.

Also an important side note: if you're using flavored condoms for real, remember that some only provide protection during oral sex. Do not use a flavored condom during vaginal intercourse unless they are marked otherwise.

1. Kale

As advertised by LifeStyles, kale condoms are nutrient-enriched and have the all-natural flavor of fresh kale.

2. Cold Brew

Try out these condoms for a "cooling sensation with an energizing rush of caffeine."

3. Sriracha

These likely painful condoms boast a "warming sensation and the bold flavor of Sriracha." And bold flavor is what you really want out of a condom, amirite?

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Images: Courtesy of LifeStyles Condoms (1); Giphy (3)