Shalom Blac Is The Most Inspiring Beauty Blogger

by Eliza Florendo

In today's installment of incredibly inspiring videos, YouTube blogger Shalom Blac, the burn victim turned makeup vlogger, completely tore apart my insides and left me with a seriously powerful message. Thanks to Great Big Story's Facebook page, we were introduced to this super strong woman, and learned more about her personal story.

The video starts with Blac sharing that growing up, she was called names like "monster, two faced, and scar face." It all happened when she was nine years old. Blac was cooking at her mother's restaurant in Nigeria. Suddenly, she knew something was wrong. "I remember waking up to screaming and peeling off my skin and rubbing off my face." That is not a moment one forgets.

"It was really terrible for me. I thought of suicide. I was in the mirror just looking at myself, like 'why don't people just like me,'" she says. At first, putting on makeup was a "solution to cover up [her] scar." But when she posted her videos, she found a surprising, yet beautiful response.

"When I get comments from viewers about how I help them, it helps me remember why I'm doing this."

Blac takes off her makeup, and reveals her vulnerable, yet incredibly beautiful self. And along with teaching her readers how to put on her makeup, she spreads an additional message: "I like to focus positivity in my videos, not just putting on the makeup, but having a message that comes with it....I want to make you feel good without even putting make up on," she says.

Watching her tutorials, you see that Blac is incredibly talented when it comes to putting on some killer makeup looks. Not only are her tips super useful, but her positivity and love is absolutely infectious.

In less than three minutes, I've fallen in love with Blac's self-love. "I'm just happy because I found myself. I learned to accept my scars, and I also just love me for who I am."

Looking back, she regrets nothing.

"I wouldn't take it back, this is absolutely the reason why it happened to me." To watch the full video, and feel hella inspired, check out the video, below.

For some of us, it's so much easier to criticize ourselves and nitpick those little things that don't seem "perfect." Looking all around on social media, especially Instagram, we're told what "beauty" looks like, and what we're expected to look like. In a world that's so full of outside pressure, it's so refreshing to hear about self-love from Blac. This was just the reminder I needed, and will certainly never forget.

Images: Great Big Story