Will Thorpe Come Back To 'Grey's Anatomy'? There's Still Hope For Him & Meredith

Just when we thought it was safe for Meredith Grey to get back in the water — of the dating pool, that is — on Grey’s Anatomy, well… it wasn’t. Sure, things with hot army doctor Will Thorpe seemed to be going just great. They had a few dates, Thorpe came inside on the third one (which is the date for naked time, according to popular lore), and in the morning, Meredith awoke screaming and threw him out of her home. Well, Maggie and Amelia did, because they were so sure he had attacked her or something. That wasn’t exactly the case — Meredith just isn’t ready to date on Grey’s Anatomy .

This freak out pushed Meredith into a hardcore cleaning binge (she even brought out the steam cleaner). That’s what I do, too, when I need to push aside my demons — I scrub floors and organize my sock drawer. It keeps Meredith and me sane, apparently. Anyway, after all the scrubbing was done, Meredith told Alex this story about how she misses Derek and she’s not ready to be with someone else and she didn’t think it would be good with Thorpe but it was and yadda yadda. Same. When she apologized to Thorpe and told him all of that, Thorpe was like, “Cool, but I’ll be waiting here when you’re ready to get it on again.” He was much nicer than that but I thought I’d spice it up a bit.


This is good for two reasons: we’ll see Thorpe again and he is very handsome, and Meredith knows that she doesn’t have to sacrifice potential love in order to finish figuring herself out. Thorpe said that he’d wait for her, and he seems like a man who you can trust his word. I really think that Thorpe could be the one to pull Meredith out of her hole — but when will she be ready? I hope it’s soon, because Thorpe (and us viewers) can’t wait an eternity.

Images: Richard Cartwright/ABC; Giphy