Will Thorpe Hurt Meredith On 'Grey’s Anatomy'? Her New Love Interest Could Be Trouble

Just when you think it is safe to get back in the dating pool, you meet Dr. Will Thorpe on Grey's Anatomy . I may be getting ahead of myself here. Meredith Grey finally accepted a date with this hot doctor, only to try and reschedule because of a marathon 17-hour surgery. I mean, I get that. Who looks and smell good after being on your feet for 17 hours? Luckily, Thorpe didn’t fall for Meredith trying to shake him off (this woman runs like a spooked stallion) — instead, he offered to drive her home, and they ate French fries in the car and talked. The previews for next week though, show a different side of Thorpe. Will Thorpe hurt Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy ?

I mean for real, this woman has been through enough crap in here life that the writers need to give her a break. The previews for next week show Maggie screaming at Thorpe, asking him why Meredith is making “those noises” or something, and they’re acting like he’s hurting Meredith. But you know what? I don’t think Thorpe is going to hurt Meredith — I think he and Meredith are just having a really good time . Naked. Behind closed doors. This whole abusive storyline is more than often a red herring for ratings.

Meredith already got beaten up — badly — this season by a patient. Why would the writers want to do it again to her? Did Ellen Pompeo make Shonda Rhimes really mad or something? I think that the preview is just a way to boost ratings and ensure interest for the end of the season rather than an actual storyline where Meredith is in a relationship that becomes abusive. In reality, Thorpe is going to be a great thing for Meredith — teaching her how to date and, I don’t know, be a normal person again after Derek’s death.

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