La'Porsha Renae Sings "Hello" Per The 'Idol' Judges' Requests, But The Song Choice Was All Wrong

Why does it seem like Scott Borchetta and the American Idol judges seem so out-of-touch with this season's contestants? It's was judges' choice tonight on the American Idol Season 15 Top 3, but Borchetta and the judges missed the mark with their selections for the remaining contestants. On a night when they should have been highlighting the finalists' best assets, the judges hindered the contestants from really shining by picking choices that were meant to "challenge" them but were actually just all wrong. While most of the songs missed the mark, it was the judges' choice for La'Porsha Renae that really turned sour.

There's no denying that Renae has a powerful sound, which may seem why Adele's "Hello" would be an obvious choice — or at least that's what the judges will tell you. While Renae does have a crazy powerful voice, that doesn't mean it's suited for an Adele song. Her attempt at tackling the song was a good one, but it fell flat against her previous show-stopping performances. Though the song was clearly a challenge, it was the wrong challenge for Renae and it could end up hurting her chances at taking the Idol title.

With only one night of performances left before the finale, everything is on the line for the Top 3 contestants. One poor performance could ruin their shot at winning season 15. The good news for Renae, though, is that she wasn't the only one given poor song choices tonight. Dalton Rapattoni's selects were a bit odd, too, leaving much to be desired from his performances. While this is not ideal for either contestant at this point in the game, what's done is done. At this point, their fates are in the hands of America and they have to hope that their previous performances left a greater impression on voters than their performances tonight did. Will Renae's lackluster performance tonight send her packing before the finale? I guess we'll have to wait 'til then to find out.

Image: Ray Mickshaw/FOX