La'Porsha Renae Sings "Ready For Love" In The 'American Idol' Top 5 And Proves Why She Deserves To Win

The best just keeps getting better. La'Porsha Renae has proven once again that she deserves to win the final season of American Idol. This week, the Top 6 are singing songs chosen by America — and they haven't gotten too lucky so far. Both Trent Harmon and Dalton Rapattoni earned low marks for their chosen-by-America songs — but Renae lucked out. She was asked to sing Indie.Arie's "Ready For Love" and completely nailed it. It was powerful, emotional, and all-around flawless, which are three qualities one would expect their next American Idol to posses.

It's no secret that Renae is one of the front-runners this season. She proved to be a strong competitor early on in the Hollywood Rounds and has only gotten stronger since. Her performances impress week after week — it doesn't seem like anything can stop her. Despite her growing popularity, though, Renae continues to switch things up — from her hair to her vocal style, it seems like she's always down to try something new. The 22-year-old's versatility is unique in this game, and it allows her to appeal to a broader audience.

Renae continues to be popular with America because she is versatile. She appeals to a broader audience than most. Because she tries out different genres of music every week, she has avoided getting pigeon-holed into one genre like some of her competitors have (*cough* Dalton *cough*) But it's not just her voice — her personality is also part of her appeal. She's confident yet humble and possesses a unique quiet strength about her. It makes her extremely likable — which is why it's obvious that so many people are voting for her. Renae has a certain quiet star power inside her that is just begging to come out — and something tells me that, if she wins American Idol, she'll show that side of her and we'll love her even more.

Image: Ray Mickshaw/FOX