Jess Could Be The One Getting Married On 'GG'

Ever since all our dreams came true with the announcement of the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival, all fans can do is wait patiently and reignite the old shipper wars. As it would turn out, all of Rory's old boyfriends are returning and there's probably going to be a Gilmore Girls wedding. Speculation has been percolating as to who is getting married, and, last we checked in Dean and Logan were both marriage-ready at a young age. But what about that dark horse contender? Is it possible that Jess is getting married on Gilmore Girls , and to someone who isn't Rory?

Now, granted, it wouldn't be terribly crazy to guess that the wedding is Jess and Rory's. After all, fanfiction on the subject has been churned out for years. It just seems a little contrived to begin or end on that note, and, as much as I want them together, I want the Gilmore legacy to go out on something a little more original than that. So would it be possible that Jess is instead getting hitched to some random girl? I think it could be assumed that, with all of the maturity he displayed in his last appearance, Jess wouldn't be engaged to some Shane redux.

What if, instead, he's incredibly successful and ends up with some other insanely successful woman? Rory, whether she's in the midst of some turn-of-30 crisis or not, will struggle with this engagement and the New Jess Mariano. I mean, she was the one that paved all the foundation for his reformation. This might be enough to stir her, to make her want to reclaim her lost love.

But then there are logistical concerns. If Jess were getting married, would it make sense for him to bring the party back to Stars Hollow? After all, Liz held her own renaissance themed wedding in the town square after a long, long absence. But Liz's ties and adolescence were in Stars Hollow, whereas Jess only spent a pretty unremarkable year and a half there, give or take. Going back to L.A. seems unlikely, Philadelphia seemed to suit him, and his real home is in New York. I'm guessing one of the latter two would make sense for a Mariano wedding: a step away the homey little Connecticut town, but still close enough where Rory could rush in and stop it.

There's enough dramatic weight for this to be a loose possibility, especially if they're looking to throw a wrench in the Rory and Jess love story. Still, Jess was always so detached and his more creative ambitions (unlike Logan's business-y ways and Dean's... construction) peg him as someone who's gonna wait it out for marriage. I mean, he's probably tap-dancing on his 30s now, but he could still want to wait it out forever.

Ultimately, it doesn't really matter what happens, so long as Jess and Rory end up together. And as for that wedding? My money is on Dean and Miss Patty till the end.

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