Kylie Jenner With Short Hair Would Look A Whole Lot Like Mom Kris Based On This Tweet — PHOTO

This momager makes for one stylish head of the household, and whether her children actually like being compared to her or no, there's not denying she's got some influence on this stylish family. You’re going to die when you see this photo of Kylie Jenner as Kris Jenner. The picture surfaced on Twitter, and it is just too funny to see the youngest daughter looking exactly like her mom.

Kylie sporting Kris’ short hairstyle will definitely give you a laugh, but honestly, she doesn’t look bad emulating her mom. Besides, if she’s been dying to know what she’d look like with short hair — now she knows she'd basically be identical to her mom. I’m not sure who exactly took the time to create this photo, but I am so glad that they did because it truly made my day. Kylie must have gotten a chuckle out of it, too because she reposted it with the caption “Wtf is this!” That’s probably exactly what I’d think if I saw my mom’s body and hair with my face on it, so I think she had the perfect reaction.

I’d never given it much thought before now, but she’s obviously learned a lot from her mom, even in terms of style. So, see what Kylie looks like as Kris, and then see seven times they’ve had similar looks. You won’t believe how alike they actually are.

Too good for words.

1. King Kylie

So, Kylie as her mom is great, but Kris as King Kylie is equally hilarious.

2. Lip Kit

Her daughter's definitely given her the right formula for the perfect lip look.

3. Posing

I can definitely see where Kylie got her posing skills from.

4. Twinning

David Buchan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

They are killing it in their outfits and black shades. Just too cool.

5. Bathroom Selfie

Did Kylie teach Kris how to take the perfect bathroom selfie or was it the other way around? Either way, they nailed it.

6. Nude Lip

A nude lip look inspired by her daughter? She doesn't mind if she does!

7. Coordinating

Color-coordinating Balmain pieces? What an adorable mother-daughter thing to do.

These two are more alike than they even know. Like it or not.



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