Dean Strang's Show Needs To Find A Network Still

In late December 2015, Netflix released Making A Murderer onto an unsuspecting public that soon become swept up in the story of Steven Avery, and met two legal heartthrobs in the form of Dean Strang and Jerome Buting. Thanks to MaM's success, Dean Strang is getting his own TV show, which is likely music to the ears of MaM's many viewers. According to Deadline, Dean Strang: Road To Justice is a docuseries that promises to "investigate big legal cases that demonstrate major flaws in the criminal justice system," providing a procedural spin on the work that Strang was doing in Making A Murderer. So when can viewers expect to see Strang's show air?

Unfortunately, it seems like it will be a while until people will get to travel on the Road To Justice, as the show has only begun development and has yet to find a network to house it. Dean Strang is currently busy on tour with Buting on the Conversation on Justice tour, which ends on August 14th in Nashville, according to the tour's website. Whether or not Strang will have time to film episodes during the tour is unclear, but I'd expect Road To Justice to not make an appearance until the end of 2016 at the very earliest. Beyond timeline, there's still a matter of finding a platform for the show. Fortunately, there are plenty of Here outlets that would be a good fit.


The network that helped make Strang a popular name would surely be the ideal home for his new show. Making A Murderer was a massive success for the streaming platform, becoming synonymous with programs like Serial and The Jinx for revolutionizing and making popular the true crime format. Besides, having what is essentially a spin-off of Making A Murderer on any network other than Netflix just seems wrong.

Investigation Discovery

Investigation Discovery existed long before the recent rise of the true crime docuseries, but deals almost exclusively in the genre. Full of shows like Motive and Murderers, Deadly Demands, and Homicide Hunter, having Dean Strang on the network could bring an incredibly recognizable name to their programming, and cement the network as a home for true crime on television.


A&E is currently the home of some of the most popular reality shows on television, including Intervention, Hoarders, and the seemingly inescapable Duck Dynasty. Reality shows are A&E's bread and butter, and the network has a history of featuring series that showcase flaws in the criminal justice system, including the currently airing 60 Days In which follows seven innocent people living undercover in a prison to explore the living conditions. If A&E hopes to continue exploring injustice, there's no one better to have onboard than Dean Strang himself.

Dean Strang: Road To Justice is sure to be an engaging look at the criminal justice system in America, but it's also going to be a platform for one of the smartest people on television to do what he does best — fight for justice in the American judiciary system while accidentally charming the entire audience. Anyone viewer who loved Dean Strang in Making A Murderer — that is to say, pretty much everyone who watched Making A Murderer — will surely find something to love in Road To Justice, no matter when or where it premieres.

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