The "Mark For H&M" April Fools' Prank Will Be Hard To Top

For much of his career, the CEO of Facebook has been known for wearing a consistent uniform of jeans and a plain gray T-shirt, so H&M and Mark Zuckerberg played a hilarious April Fools' prank making fun of his minimalist wardrobe. Mark For H&M was unveiled Friday, referring to a long-term partnership between the company and Zuckerberg kicked off by a limited capsule collection. Since the tech executive wears the same thing every day, his collection only consists of gray T-shirts and blue jeans, with the option to buy a collection pack of seven shirts and one pair of pants.

The collection's website showcases a lookbook full of photos of Mark donning his signature look at various tech events and speaking engagements. The website explains: "This new gender-neutral minimalistic range was inspired by Mark's beliefs that making even the easiest decisions (like what to wear or what to eat for breakfast) consumes mental energy and gets in the way of doing more important things."

The sentiment is not a joke — Zuckerberg said in a public Q&A in 2014, "I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community," admitting that he owns several of the same shirt (like the world couldn't tell).

The fashion collection is a big prank, however — a very well planned and executed prank, but fake nonetheless. Because the Mark For H&M website isn't linked to, it wasn't entirely clear whether or not the company was behind the joke, but it did use the fake collaboration to its advantage by trying to sell basic jeans and T-shirts. H&M even joked that you can shop Zuckerberg's "day-to-night look," because nothing is more versatile than a gray T-shirt.

If you've ever seen a photo of Zuckerberg, you've definitely seen his simple uniform. The collection was named "One less thing to think about in a morning," and the idea of never having to agonize over what outfit to wear does sound pretty appealing. It also can't hurt to follow the clothing advice of a billionaire — who knows, maybe adopting Zuckerberg's minimalist attitude will be the key to your success.

Regardless, Mark For H&M was a hilarious April Fools' joke that will be very hard to top next year.

Images: Mark For HM (2)