Beyonce's Ivy Park Line Has A Wide Price Range

When Beyoncé does something, she does it big, and her Ivy Park athleisure line is no different. Not only will her range be sold at a wide variety of retailers, the prices are pretty varied, too. So, how much will Beyoncé's Ivy Park line cost? There's something for everyone in Queen Bey's clothing collection.

When I first heard that Beyoncé created a 200-piece clothing collection, it honestly didn't surprise me at all. Whenever the singer is quiet in the news for a while, she comes back with something bigger and better than before. The Ivy Park line is completely different than her other fashion ventures, but it is sure to satisfy lots of different tastes. Between her promotional video explaining what Ivy Park means and the wide array of items available, this line will resonate with just about every type of shopper. That also happens to include the price range.

Available at Topshop, Net-A-Porter, Nordstrom, and in just a few weeks, this isn't your typical celebrity-created collection. The Ivy Park line ranges in price from $30 to $200 and has everything from headbands to sandals, according to Fashion Bomb Daily. Whether you're looking to work out in these clothes or just sport them for stylish purposes, Queen Bey's got you covered.

The line will be available to buy on April 14 and I'm guessing that it will sell out pretty fast. You better plan which pieces you want to buy ASAP.

The fact that Ivy Park has literally everything you could ever need to create a complete athleisure collection makes it even more appealing. Some might be overwhelmed with 200 pieces to choose from, but just put your trust (and your closet) in Queen Bey's hands.

April 14 will be here before you know it, so you better start saving now!

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Image: Ivy Park