'Lizzie McGuire's Ethan Craft Is Returning To The Disney Channel In A Brand New Show

Big news, '90s kids: Lizzie McGuire's crush is all grown up, and he's headed back to his Disney Channel roots. Clayton Snyder, better known to fans of Lizzie McGuire as Ethan Craft, revealed on his Instagram that he will star in the new Disney XD series Second Star. In case you were too distracted by Gordo to notice any other guys on the show, Ethan was the middle school heartthrob whom Lizzie, Miranda, and Kate all had crushes on. Academia didn't come easily for him, but Ethan was a total sweetheart with a head of hair that could only be a gift from benevolent gods.

It turns out that Ethan's actor grew up pretty good too. Since his days as the object of Lizzie's affections, Snyder has had a steady career. He has guest-starred on shows like NCIS and Hit Women, and even took to the stage to play Biff in a musical version of Back to the Future .

It's a good thing he can sing, because Second Star is all about a musical family. Snyder will play the oldest of three siblings who inherit their grandfather's music studio, and he will totally be the one who is taking care of his crew. He runs a coffee shop to keep the family going, but he will also being singing. So brace yourself, because you are about to start crushing on Ethan — err, Snyder — all over again.

That set photo is totally adorable, right? Snyder was such a huge part of the formative years of anyone who grew up with Lizzie McGuire that seeing him back on Disney is going to be surreal and awesome. While Second Star has a lot to live up to (because Lizzie will always be the Disney queen), a comedy featuring family fun and singing sounds like the perfect mix of old-school and new-school fun to me.

There's no way I am going to miss out on seeing Ethan Craft all grown up and belting out tunes in a coffee shop, and I know I'm not alone. Luckily, you don't have to wait long to see Snyder in action. Second Star premieres April 5 on DisneyXD, so set your DVR now lest you miss out on some prime nostalgia. You know that, somewhere out there, Lizzie will be watching and swooning right along with you.

Image: Disney Channel