'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Cast Explains Why Working With Their Spouses Isn't All That Bad

It's no surprise that things get pretty freaking awkward on the set of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia . Now that the show is embarking on its 12th season, with at least two additional ones to follow, one would assume that the cast simply accepts the weirdness that's bound to occur on set. But things like watching your spouse give a tongue bath to your co-star have to be especially weird, right? Yet when I asked the FXX show’s cast and crew at the Paley Center’s "Evening with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" in Los Angeles about the challenges of working with their real-life spouses on the series, their answers were pretty surprising.

According to Charlie Day (who’s married to "the waitress" Mary Elizabeth Ellis) and Kaitlin Olson (who's the wife of co-creator and executive producer Rob McElhenney), working with their real-life loved ones on the show isn't actually all that bad. "I would say congratulations, otherwise you don’t see each other that often, it’s kind of great," Olson told Bustle. Added Day, "I’d say enjoy it, because otherwise you’re going to be acting in Atlanta or somewhere, ‘cause that’s show business now."

And apparently getting sick of each other just isn't in the cards. "No, I think it’s great," Olson added. "It’s like a whole different thing. You’re in work mode, then you come home and you’re in evening, dinner and wine mode. Kid mode."

Agreed Day, "It’s pretty chill, you know? Until all the scandalous stuff starts coming out and then it’s awkward both on set and at home."

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The Sunny cast has gone to particularly incestuous lengths to make us laugh, and relate to these totally-effed characters. For example, in one episode, Day had to make out with Olson — pretty awkward when both have spouses on-set. But when the jokes are said and done, it seems that working so closely with their loved ones has been a positive experience for these actors — perhaps because they've kept a good balance between real and Sunny life. Said Olson, "Once people start realizing that you’re doing things inappropriately, then it would be weird. But now, so far so good."

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Props to these guys for maintaining a healthy work-life-play balance with their partners and maintaining married life bliss, providing great advice for others who find themselves in the workplace with their SO. Oh, and for totally crushing it on the airwaves while doing so.