The 12 Greatest Moments From 'It's Always Sunny'

When I first started watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 10 years ago, I never would have thought that The Gang would make it on TV for 12 seasons. The Season 11 finale is on FXX on March 9, so when will Season 12 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia premiere? Anyone who is a fan of Paddy's Pub was thrilled when back in April 2014, the irreverent comedy was renewed for not one, but two more seasons. With at least 12 seasons, and maybe more coming, It’s Always Sunny became the longest-running live-action comedy series in cable history, according to Deadline. So, how long will viewers have to await the return of Mac, Dennis, Charlie, Dee, and Frank?

No official premiere date has been released for Season 12 of It's Always Sunny yet. Season 11 premiered on Jan. 6, but the premiere dates have understandably jumped around a lot over the course of 11 seasons. Since Seasons 10 and 11 premiered in January, Season 12 may follow suit. Yet, Seasons 3 through 9 all premiered in the fall, so, without an official release date, The Gang could surprise with its next premiere date.

While 12 seasons is a lot, the thought of It's Always Sunny ever ending for good pains me — I've gone through so much The Gang! Luckily, Season 12 may not be it for the series. "We haven't felt like we've burned out ourselves or the characters or the subject matter," Charlie Day told Broadcasting & Cable. "In many ways, it's possible there's no end in sight."

"No end in sight" would sound like a threat if uttered from an It's Always Sunny actor in character, but for fans, this is fabulous news. In honor of the Season 11 finale, the inevitable Season 12, and the hope of even more seasons to come, here are 12 memorable moments from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia — from Seasons 1 to 11.

1. When Charlie Got Molested

Mr. Belding? Child molestation jokes? The introduction of the McPoyle brothers? In the Season 1 finale, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia set the tone for the rest of the series.

2. Dennis & Dee Sing Biz Markie

It's difficult to remember a time before Frank Reynolds was a steady member of The Gang, but he first showed up in Season 2 — in time to watch his children go on welfare and get into smoking crack.

3. The Creation Of Nightman & Dayman

Although they created an entire musical around Nightman and Dayman later in the series, my favorite episode of the entire series has to be "Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person," where Charlie first introduced his musical characters.

4. The Demise Of Rickety Cricket

The Gang has systematically ruined the life of Rickety Cricket — a man who loves Dee so much he left the priesthood for her. Dennis and Mac often lure him into their schemes, promising him a date with Dee, a prime example being in "Mac and Dennis: Manhunters" where they hunt the homeless and drug-addicted Rickety Cricket for sport. (Meanwhile, Dee and Charlie think they have become cannibals.)

5. The Mystery Of The Bed Pooping

Season 4's "Who Pooped the Bed?" has some of the best elements of an It's Always Sunny episode. Besides The Gang, you've got the reoccurring characters of The Waitress (Day's real-life wife), Artemis, and Rickety Cricket, as well as a focus on the weird bed-sharing situation between Charlie and Frank. Who could ask for more?

6. Kitten Mittens

While I adore all of The Gang, Charlie may be my favorite, so I realize this list may be a bit biased toward his particular shenanigans. However, how can you deny the hilarity of Charlie's invention of "Kitten Mittons!!" due to alley cats waking him up?

7. Dee's Pregnancy

The fact that Mac and Dee are married in real life brings me so much joy, so when Kaitlin Olson became pregnant, the show decided to embrace Olson's changing body by having Sweet Dee be pregnant on the show in Season 6.

8. The Jersey Shore

I love when The Gang does a road trip, but as a person who grew up in a New Jersey suburb of Philadelphia, The Gang's trip to the Jersey Shore in Season 7 was especially heartwarming. Frank and Mac eat a rum ham, Dee and Dennis hang out with locals, and Charlie gets a date with The Waitress.

9. Dennis' Ex-Wife

The absurdly egoistical Dennis somehow marries Maureen Ponderosa and promptly divorces her. But, that doesn't mean Maureen is out of The Gang's life. In Season 8's "The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre," Dennis relapses when Maureen gets breast implants and fixes her dead tooth. The people who are attracted to The Gang have always proven to be as messed up as The Gang themselves.

10. Lethal Weapons 5 & 6

The Gang decide to try their hands at making sequels to the Lethal Weapon franchise. In Season 9, they screen their Lethal Weapon 6 for investors. The volleyball scene that pays homage to Top Gun is a gem.

11. The Wade Boggs' Cross-Country Flight Drinking Challenge

The Gang's dedication to drinking is perhaps their best trait, so it should have been no surprise that they attempt to beat baseball Hall of Famer Wade Boggs' drinking record on a cross-country flight. While in real life, I would hate these sloppy drunks on a flight, watching this episode may have inspired me to find a way to pack my own beers the next time I travel by airplane.

12. Mac Comes Out

In a plot that It's Always Sunny has been directly referencing for years that I just never thought would actually happen, Mac came out as gay in the Mar. 2 episode "The Gang Goes to Hell." While we'll see the repercussions of this realization in the Mar. 9 episode and in Season 12, it's good to know that even completely horrible people can accept their friend as gay.

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