Is Kit Harington Off 'Game Of Thrones'? The Jon Snow Actor Could Be Gone For Good

The big Game of Thrones news this past weekend might've been Peter Dinklage (aka Tyrion Lannister) hosting Saturday Night Live, but his co-star Kit Harington (aka Jon Snow) had a major moment as well. In an interview on The Jonathan Ross Show April 2, Harington addressed Jon Snow's death with more detail and candidness than he's previously offered. The status of the beloved character has been a major source of speculation during the build up to the sixth season of Game of Thrones, and while some have taken his appearance on a Belfast set to mean that he is returning, alive and well, Harington used his interview to thoroughly reject that speculation. Said the actor,

I was there for a bit – I was there for about a month or two months. It was spread over a bit, and I was playing a corpse. I won't tell you how many episodes I'm lying dead, but it's going to be so satisfying when you see it and you realize that I was telling the truth the whole time.

Harington continued to reiterate his point by telling Ross that he didn't know anything going on with the show, since he's no longer a part of it. Say what?!

I am no longer involved in the show, so any secrets that are with the show, I don't actually know anymore, so it becomes very easy, Jonathan. You're looking at me like you don't believe me. It's going to be so relieving when people actually see the show and realize that I don't come back.

While the actor's words sound pretty final, they're actually open to a few different interpretations, some of which are sadder than others.

He'll Play A Reanimated Corpse


The phrasing of "I was playing a corpse" is a little strange, and it seems unlikely that the showrunners would pay Harington to just lie in the snow. This suggests, as many fan theories have speculated, that Jon Snow will be back, but as a White Walker or a similar partially dead being.

He's Lying


This interview aired right around April 1, so it seems possible that Harington used the guise of April Fools Day to outright lie about his appearance on the show. Funny, but cruel.

He's For Real Dead


And then there's the worst option: Harington is actually telling the truth. In this scenario, he was only used for a few scenes and isn't part of the show anymore in any form. Let's not think about that one.

Fans can speculate all they want, but if all goes according to plan, we'll all find out for sure when the show premieres at the end of April.

Watch his full comments below:

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