7 North Carolina Tar Heels Party Ideas For Watching The NCAA Tournament Championship

The NCAA tournament is reaching its dramatic conclusion, and you're in the mood to party — Southern style, that is. Whether you're a huge college basketball fan who has been painstakingly tracking your bracket all month, or you are simply in the mood to celebrate, check out these North Carolina Tar Heels party ideas. Sure, your party doesn't have to have a theme to be a success, but isn't it more fun to watch a game when you are rooting for a specific team?

Of course, you could just order a pizza, stock up the fridge with beer, throw some hummus and pita chips out on the table, and call it a day, but something about that planning approach just feels anti-climactic — especially after weeks of frantically checking your bracket every five seconds, and exercising your bragging rights after each and every predicted victory. Even if you haven't been rooting for UNC this whole time, you can still appreciate the skill that earned the Tar Heels their spot in the championship game. Show your allegiance to Chapel Hill by throwing a killer party, and get ready to cheer for another mega victory — or at the very least, munch on some amazing snacks.

1. Pulled Pork Sandwiches With Carolina BBQ Sauce

I mean, obviously. The only problem with serving up these bad boys is that suddenly people will have to try extra hard to concentrate on the actual game — these sandwiches by Foodie Crush are serious attention stealers. Worth it though, don't you think?

2. Southern Sweet Tea

Not that you need an excuse to sip on the glory that is Southern sweet tea, but if you were looking for a good one, this is it. The Kitchn shows you how to whip up the ultimate pitcher of this Southern staple — perfect for this party, and pretty much any party to come.

3. Tar Heel Pie

This needs no explanation — if you're going to root for UNC, you need some fudgy Tar Heel pie in your life ASAP. Deliciously Yum infuses her brownie pie confection with a swirl of smooth caramel. In other words? Perfection.

4. Lemon-Lime Blue Slushie

Pay tribute to your team's colors with an ultra vibrant drink that almost outshines your own team spirit. Baked by Rachel has the perfect refreshing drink to sip at halftime — and if you wanna throw a splash of vodka into the mix to really make things interesting, no one is stopping you.

5. Blue Popcorn

You know you're intrigued! Something Swanky uses white chocolate and food coloring to come up with this festive snack. It's a super sweet option for group munching.

6. Hush Puppies With Spicy Dipping Sauce

Looking for an extra kick? Baked by Rachel pairs her Southern-style hush puppies with a dipping sauce seasoned with Sriracha, meaning your mouth will be on fire in the best way. Thank goodness you have those slushies available to help cool you down, right?

7. North Carolina Lemon Pie

The only thing sweeter than victory? Dessert! Try out Pass The Sushi's tart treat for a season ender that's truly impressive.

For more ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

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Images: Foodie Crush; The Kitchn; Deliciously Yum; Baked by Rachel; Baked by Rachel; Something Swanky; Baked by Rachel; Pass The Sushi