Andy Cohen Chimes In On 'RHOA' Gay Rumors

Usually, the most explosive moments on The Real Housewives of Atlanta are from the shocking revelations offered by the cast or funny moments destined to be replayed on future seasons. But on the RHOA Season 8 reunion, Andy Cohen called out the RHOA for the gay rumors about Kim Fields' husband Christopher Morgan and the ignorant ways the cast has spoken about gay men in general. Despite a supporting cast that's filled with gay men, the RHOA routinely joke about their cast members' boyfriends or husbands being gay, or making derogatory jokes like when Porsha told Kandi's friend Don Juan to "take out his tampon" when they were in a disagreement.

Before Andy chimed in, Chris addressed the rumors Kenya started about his sexual orientation. Not only did he deny Kenya's attempt to start rumors about his marriage, he also asked her repeatedly to cite where she heard of these rumors. While these un-cited rumors blew over relatively quickly on the otherwise pleasant and enjoyable Jamaica trip, the conversation on the reunion quickly became more aggressive. Kenya swears that she has no responsibility for the rumors — she was just quoting what she claims she "heard," either from online blogs or from people on Living Single (it wasn't totally clear in the hectic reunion scrum). Even though Andy usually loves provoking controversy among the 'wives, he was looking noticeably uncomfortable about the way they began once again joking over the topic, bringing up the justifications for why they laughed at the idea of Chris being gay. And, he quickly shut it down, prompting a round of genuine apologies — from all but Kenya.

According to their statements on the reunion and their social media accounts, Kim & Chris are still together and going strong, rumors or not.

Chris dropped the mic on the situation with his final comments on the rumors: "I have a lot of gay ... friends, and ... somebody's sexuality has nothing to do with their character." As a Broadway performer and actor for many years, it seems that Chris has learned a thing or two about how the stigmatization of stereotypically "gay" behaviors can hurt LGBT people. If only Kenya's "20 years" of experience in Hollywood taught her the same — and the rest of the ladies, for that matter, could also stand to work on their attitudes.

Image: Mark Hill/Bravo