16 Ways 'Friday Night Lights' & 'Parenthood' Could Seamlessly Crossover

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The most exciting news of the day is easily NBC's upcoming Friday Night Lights/Parenthood crossover, a webseries that will make our dreams come true in just four parts. Thanks to Jason Katims' being almost as big a fan of his own show as we are, FNL's Landry Clarke and Billy Riggins will meet Parenthood's Amber Holt when Crucifictorious records at The Luncheonette.

Now that we know it's possible, we won't be satisfied until the rest of Dillon takes a trip to Berkeley. And it doesn't even matter if an FNL actor has already appeared on Parenthood, since Derek Philips, aka Billy Riggins, appeared on Parenthood as Crosby's drunk best man in season three. Coincidentally, his name was Billy Gardner and we can only hope that he owned a business called Gardner's Gardens.

With Landry and Billy already slated for a crossover, here's how Katims can get the rest of the FNL family onto Parenthood the right way—as their original characters. Because clear eyes, full hearts, can't move on.

Images: NBC

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