7 Ways 'Looking's Patrick Is Just Like Us

When it comes to life and relationships, there are few characters on TV who are as genuinely relatable to young twentysomethings as Looking 's Patrick, played by Jonathan Groff. On the HBO series Patrick is a bit of a naïve and confused sort, wanting a relationship but preferring the chase to commitment — even if he doesn't realize it yet. Considering people's erroneous assertions that this was simply a gay GIRLS , it's refreshing to see those sort of fumbly, bumbly bumps and bruises created by a soul stuck between phases. Something far more universally relatable than naysayers of the series might want you to believe. It's the honest depiction of modern life, gay or straight, you've been craving.

And that's exactly why we love us some Patrick. He's — on the surface — totally got his shit together. Even though in his personal life he's sort of a disasterpiece. He has an apartment all his own and he's working at his dream job making video games. He's got a practical head on his shoulders that mostly/sometimes keeps him out of trouble — except when it comes to love and lust, of course. He's figuring it out without realizing it; going through the motions with his highly impressionable sense of self.

And as most any twentysomething will tell you, that's, well, pretty much the way it works these days. Be it Instagram filters, inappropriate office relations, or even just a side-eye here or there, we're convinced that Patrick is the sort of real and relatable character we ADORE to see portrayed accurately and honestly on television.

Plus, he might as well be the spiritperson for anyone between the ages of 24 - 30. The proof is in the GIFpudding:

He Knows that Instagram Filters are the New Myspace Angle:

His Work Browser History is Just as Embarrassing as Yours (We Told You to Stay Off OKCupid!):

And He's an Equally as Terrible Liar...

He's Learning to Be Practical

But Still Manages to Make Awkward Missteps. Lots of 'Em

He's Got Truly Excellent Game

But He Knows Sometimes Your Friends Come Before You Do (in The Park with a Total Stranger)

(Hey, at least he's polite and gracious about it!)

So go on and keep on making those mistakes, Patrick. We're right there with you. Unfortunately.

Images: HBO; DonatellaVersaces/Tumblr [4]; Mandronia/Tumblr [2]; FruitShoot/Tumblr [1]; AnotherWeasley/Tumblr [1]